What Happens Next For Steffy Could Change Everything — and Be Exactly What Bold & Beautiful Needs Right Now

March 1-5, 2021

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It’s safe to say that February sweeps on The Bold and the Beautiful was pretty much all about Steffy’s baby and, by extension, her babydaddy’s identity. Sure, we got a few crumbs where other storylines were concerned, but if you were hoping to make a satisfying meal out of them, you’d wind up starving. But that could change over the next few weeks as real-world events impact the reel-world happenings on screen. 

The Big Switch

I’ve liked Vinny (and portrayer Joe LoCicero) ever since the character’s introduction. In fact, longtime readers will recall that some of us here at Soaps even championed the idea of a Steffy/Vinny romance. (An idea, it’s worth noting, that y’all shut down as if we’d nominated Flo for sainthood.) So it’s been fun having Vinny thrown into the storyline mix… although boy, do I have questions regarding the drug-dealer-turned-lab-tech.

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Vinny would give Thomas the shirt off his back — as he’s clearly about to do here — so what’s a little test-swapping if it lands his pal Hope?

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I keep thinking he and Finn must share a connection — possibly biological — if for no other reason that both characters are blank slates in need of connections. Since the show hasn’t bothered to give either of them backstories, I’ve decided that they are half siblings, but only Vinny is aware of this fact. In switching the paternity-test results (and we all agree he clearly did, right?) he not only helped out pal Thomas but hurt Finn, the brother who is oblivious to his existence.

In any case, the spoilers for next week’s episodes indicate that there’s big doings going down, including Finn getting caught up in the latest Thomas/Vinny confrontation and Steffy deciding she needs to get out of town. What I’m really interested in, however, is what’s on the horizon…

While You Were Gone

Now that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has had her baby, it’s only a matter of time before her maternity leave will necessitate Steffy’s absence for at least a few weeks. That could, of course, be why the mom-to-be decides she wants to skip town, perhaps to wrap her head around recent events.

In any case, Wood’s maternity leave presents the show with an opportunity to backburner the entire baby story and focus on other characters who’ve been neglected for far too long. During a recent chat with original cast member John McCook, he indicated that we’d be seeing more of Eric in the very near future. Given that Denise Richards’ Shauna has begun popping up in recent episodes, might the show finally pursue the Quinn/Eric/Shauna triangle it looked like they might be launching before it (and any interesting story for the trio) was resolved?

Eric, Quinn toast Bold and Beautiful

“A storyline for us? I’ll drink to that!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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I also suspect that there might be more to Flo’s new job at Forrester Creations than meets the eye. Is it a complete coincidence that the first person to learn the news was Carter, who could soon be single and ready to mingle? Sure, Wyatt and Flo jokingly talked about weddings and babies and minivans this week, but if there’s one thing we know about this show it’s that when couples who’ve been on the backburner suddenly push their way to the front in order to brag about their happiness, they’re headin’ for trouble.

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One thing I hope not to see during Wood’s maternity leave? Day after day of people talking about Steffy’s absence and wondering where she is and speculating about whether she’s taking care of herself.

Rule No. 1: Change the Locks

I’ll give Zoe at least a little bit of credit: After she let herself into Carter’s place, I was positive he’d come home to find her naked on that right-out-of-a-cheesy-Poconos-resort circular bed in his loft’s living room. Instead, she donned an absolutely stunning emerald green gown and perfectly positioned herself on that spiral staircase.

I can’t help hoping that Zoe’s about to go back to being the wackadoodle she was when first we met the character. She doesn’t necessarily need to go full-on bunny-boiling Fatal Attraction, but this show is in desperate need of a villain or vixen who can spice things up. Of course, in order for this kind of thing to be really interesting, the baddie needs to be impacting a large swath of the canvas and right now, Zoe’s sphere of influence is limited to Paris, Zende and Carter.

Random Thoughts

• The Bill/Katie story remains both drama-free and pointless. For one thing, it seems pretty clear she’s going to take him back… and then what? But the real issue is that powerhouses Don Diamont and Heather Tom are stuck repeating the same dialogue over and over.

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• As I suspected, the big crossover between Young & Restless and Bold & Beautiful had zero impact on this show. I hoped that maybe Flo spilling the beans about Sally to Summer would come back to bite Wyatt’s girlfriend in the butt, but no. Truthfully, the crossover didn’t really have much of an impact on Young & Restless either. The whole thing certainly falls flat when compared to some of the epic events the two shows have taken part of in the past, with the standout of course being that amazing moment when Genoa City’s nasty nurse Sheila unexpectedly showed up at Forrester Creations, setting in motion several years worth of storyline for both soaps.

That’s my take on the week, now let’s hear yours. On your way to the comment section, make sure to visit this awesome gallery featuring some of your favorite soap stars and their handsome dads.


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