Deconstructing B&B: Thomas’ decision creates a new fashion rivalry

May 29 - June 2


Thomas’ decision to choose love, and loftier career goals, over the family business was a turning point this week. Ridge canoodled with Quinn again, as Katie toyed with the idea of coming clean to Eric, building anticipation that something will happen in that storyline at long last, and Nicole’s demeanor seemed to change after she received more bad news. Thoughts:

Building to a battle.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Nicole’s infertility issues could lead to a custody battle, and that possibility appeared increasingly likely as Nicole became ‘irked’ with Maya’s parenting choices, specifically to leave Lizzie with family while she modeled in Paris. Apparently Maya is supposed to be attached to Lizzie 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or she’s failing as a mother. Ridiculous. Clearly the scene is being set for Nicole to decide she has reason to take Lizzie away from Maya. Given that we’ve seen this coming since the minute Nicole agreed to be her sister’s surrogate, it all feels fairly predictable. The good news is that we’ll get to see more of the Avants.

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Changing lanes.
Thomas, still partly in superhero mode, decided to partner with Sally, broker peace between her and Coco, and put Saul on notice, all before filling in his family members on his final decision regarding his career. His candid conversation with Eric was a high point. Saul’s offer to Sally of partnership was a little odd – if he had money and wanted to partner up, why didn’t he say so before? Anyway, I like the idea of the competing fashion house, and of Thomas and Sally running it together. Viewers reacted to Thomas’ decision:

Eternal flame.
Quinn and Ridge finally giving in to their passion turned out to be another ‘tease’ as they put the brakes on and ran through another session of ‘What’s wrong with us?’ ‘This can never happen again’, and ‘Eric can never know’. We’ve been listening to Eric go on about his wife’s ‘loyalty’ forever it seems, and still no one will have the respect for the man to tell him what’s gone on, despite numerous threats and teases that they would do so. For me, it’s on the verge of having been dragged out too long; you can only watch variations of the same scenario so many times before you become numb to it. Hopefully the truth will come out as a result of the tension ramping up between Katie and Quinn at work as Katie seems to be growing increasingly stressed about everything. In related commentary, re: making out in the Forrester guesthouse, there’s this:

Friday notes.
I’m about done with them letting Eric ramble on endlessly about how perfect everything is – let the man buy a clue! They’ve about used up their quota of Ridge and Quinn flashing back to making out with one another as well. This storyline really needs to blow wide open, or at least add another big twist – like Katie seducing Wyatt, which would make both Quinn and Bill apoplectic… Ridge hardly reacted to the news about Thomas. Boo… Steffy’s reaction seemed about right, though I wondered why she would jump to the conclusion that Thomas doesn’t know his own mind and is being manipulated by Sally – to the point she had to warn her. I get a kick out of how Sally keeps suggesting they should become friends and Steffy keeps saying, “Nope!” Frenemies maybe?

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– Candace Young


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