Bold & Beautiful Just Proved Why It Needs Some New Blood — Plus, Someone Should *Really* Call HR on Zoe, Pronto

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This week, The Bold and the Beautiful did something it hasn’t done in ages: It told three different stories at the exact same time. In other words, it not only remembered one of the basic rules of good soap but adhered to it. The show also did something a bit unusual in that it gave us a little break from the big babygate story, and I, for one, was grateful. Read on, and we’ll take a closer look at what went down over the past few days.

Viewers to Katie: Just Say No

It’s endlessly frustrating the way this show will completely ignore characters for months at a time and then act as if they were on screen the whole time. I literally cannot remember the last time we saw Katie, and yet she waltzed in, and the writers just picked up her and Bill’s story as if we were watching it unfold all along.

Katie, Bill, Brooke B&B

Katie, whenever you think of reuniting with Bill, look at this picture… in which you are literally having to prevent him from going into Stallion mode with your sister.

Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Apparently having absolutely nothing better to do with Bill and Katie, the show has decided it’s time to play their semi-annual reunion. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Bill apologizes, Katie wonders how in the world she can ever forgive him, he promises never to hurt her again, they reunite, and then he makes out with her sister.

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Now, there are certain perks to this particular sequence of events, the biggest of which is that we get to see Don Diamont and Heather Tom do what they do not only best but better than just about anyone else.

“You hurt me,” said Katie, tears running down her cheeks. “You break my heart. And you know what, I deserve better than that! I deserve a man who loves me and only me!”

Yes you do, girlfriend. It’s awesome hearing you say it with so much conviction, but if you truly believed it, we wouldn’t have then gotten scenes of you asking Donna, “Can I really forgive him?”

No… at least not without making him prove himself worthy. Which, not for nothing, could be a lot of fun and super romantic to boot.

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What We Didn’t See

Rather than shelve these two for months, we should have seen them attempting to move on. Bill should have been drinking too much and hitting on women only to wind up turning them off with his talk of Katie. He should have been having verbal jousting matches with Quinn — do the writers even remember that they share both a history and a child? — during her separation from Eric.

Dare I say Quinn and Bill should have engaged in some of that kinky sex we know they’ve enjoyed in the past, only to realize that they aren’t those people anymore?

Don Diamont, Rena Sofer"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 12/18/13 © sean smith/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 6769 U.S.Airdate 02/24/14

Close your eyes, Wyatt. You’re not going to want to see this!

Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

Katie, meanwhile, should have been going on dates, even if only to show that she was attempting to move on. Maybe instead of Bill begging Katie to come back, she’d come to the slow realization that despite how often he’d hurt her in the past, God help her, she still loved him.

Instead, we skipped all the good stuff and just handed the estranged pair recycled scripts — well-written but nonetheless recycled — as if to say, “Hey, viewers liked this last time. Let’s do it again.”

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Who Ordered the Fresh Meat?

Over the past few months, we’ve watched several couples — including Katie and Bill, Brooke and Ridge, and Eric and Quinn — instantly move past their issues and have drama-free reunions. OK, sure, Katie and Bill haven’t gotten there yet, but it feels pretty safe to say that’s where they’re heading. It’s not as if there are any big impediments standing in their way.

I can’t help thinking it might be time for a major shake-up at this show.

Longtime Young & Restless viewers will recall that after years of revolving around the Foster and Brooks clans, it was decided that some new blood was needed. One day Jack Abbott appeared on the scene, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m not suggesting Bold & Beautiful throw the baby out with the bathwater, but there are a lot of characters out there who have familial ties to the existing canvas. With Bridget coming home for a visit next month, maybe it’s time for us to meet her SORAS’d son, Logan. He could get into some trouble with Felicia’s offspring, Dino, as well as Brooke and Ridge’s MIA son, R.J.

Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye, Anthony Turpel"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 11/14/17 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 7741 U.S.Airdate 12/22/17

“Oh my gosh, you scared us, R.J.! Largely because we completely forgot about you!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Not interested in the teen scene? Heck, there are a ton of characters viewers already know and love just waiting to be taken off the bench. Where are Rick, Maya, Nicole and Taylor, to name a few?

With such a plethora of options on the table, there’s just no excuse for this show to keep playing the same three stories with the same four couples.

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Girl, We’re Just Embarrassed for You

I just about cheered when Paris said that her sister’s behavior was tacky. Seriously, that’s the exact word she used. “And more than anything,” the younger Buckingham sibling added, “it’s disrespectful to both Carter and me.”

And what was up with Zoe’s nonsensical threat? “Stay away from [Zende],” she warned Paris, “or I’ll make sure you’re out of here. And don’t think that I can’t make that happen. I am engaged to the COO!” All Paris had to do was march on down to Carter’s office, fill him in on her sister’s antics, and boom, threat neutralized.

As we opined earlier this week, the show seems to basically be giving viewers permission to dislike Zoe. When she showed up at the Forrester mansion to throw herself at Zende, she wasn’t saying, “Hey, I think there might be something between us. Let’s get to know each other better.” She was very clearly there to cheat on Carter and… well, I guess let the best lover win.

Except this girl is no prize.

Kiara Barnes"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 11/18/20 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8444 U.S.Airdate 01/21/21

“And… blocked.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Zende tried his darndest to keep Zoe at bay, doing everything but hand her a copy of the book He’s Just Not That Into You. And here’s the thing: If the roles were reversed and it was Zende coming on to Zoe in so aggressive a manner, we’d all be blasting him as a creep and labeling his behavior as sexual harassment… because that’s exactly what it is.

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Yes, Forrester Creations has always been something of an HR nightmare. But even if we weren’t living in a post-#MeToo world, Zoe’s actions would come off as inappropriate at best.

What say you, Bold & Beautiful fans? Do you think Katie and Bill should give it another go? Has Zoe managed to steal from Liam the Most Slap-Worthy Character of the Week trophy? Share your thoughts below, and then click on this gallery featuring soap siblings whose past issues make Paris and Zoe’s rivalry look like child’s play.


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