Bold & Beautiful Had Us Screaming ‘Punch Him’… So Does That Mean We’re Actually Enjoying Liam’s Story?

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Sometimes, bad storylines can result in good soap opera. That sounds contradictory, but it’s been known to happen. This week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful were filled with repetitive dialogue and ludicrous situations, yet they might have satisfied a need we didn’t even know we had. Read on, and I’ll explain… 

Gimme Something to Throw

There was a moment in Thursday’s episode when I literally shouted at my television screen. Finn had just arrived at Steffy’s house to find Liam standing in the living room looking at that damned portrait and — despite watching alone — I found myself yelling, “Punch him, Finn! Knock Liam on his butt!”

BB Liam Finn upset HW

I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, as if at any moment, a chainmail-wearing Tina Turner was going to proclaim, “Two men enter, one man leaves… welcome to Thunderdome!” Or, as my co-worker Candace put it…

A few moments later, Steffy — upon finding her brother and Hope talking at the office — said to Thomas, “Hope and I need to talk.” Again, I sat up a little straighter and said to myself (and the twitterverse), “OK, here we go… this should be good!”

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When I tweeted these sentiments (if you’re not already, you can join the conversation @soapoperafan), a slew of people seemed to be feeling the same. Despite how much we’ve collectively complained about Liam having slept with Steffy — not to mention her being trapped in yet another “Who’s the daddy?” story — we’re kinda hooked on the fallout.

Make ’Em Laugh, Make ’Em Cry, Make ’Em Wait

This is sort of a nice development, given that during the entire second half of 2020, Bold & Beautiful gave us one non-payoff (Shauna/Ridge/Brooke) after another (Steffy’s insta-addiction and even quicker recovery). With the Liam/Hope/Finn/Steffy tale the writers actually proved that they are still capable of, if not actual longterm storytelling, at least longer.

Hey, it’s been going on for a few weeks with no pat resolution in sight, and that’s a good thing.

Hope, Liam debate Bold and Beautiful

I’m especially relieved by this development because in the past, I’ve praised Bold & Beautiful for its ability to play big, dramatic moments. Remember the end of the Bethnapping saga? Even the most patient of viewers were ready for Hope and Liam to get their daughter back, and just like that, it happened, complete with a rooftop confrontation between Liam and Thomas.

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Payoffs are what it’s all about. Soap scribes spend all their time coming up with one scenario after another which will keep us tuning in, all with the promise that if we do, we’ll be rewarded. The heroes will triumph over the heels, and all will be right in the world… at least until another twist of the plot puts us right back on the edge of our seat again.

The Finn/Liam and Steffy/Hope scenes are our reward for having spent the past three weeks listening to Liam and Steffy repeat the same dialogue on a loop. Now, we get to move on to the next stage as we wait to find out who actually fathered the child in question.

Her Sister’s Keeper

I have a younger sister, and let me tell you this: If I ever even attempted to control her life the way Zoe has Paris’, she would have me committed to an asylum faster than you can say “Take all the seats.” At first, Paris sort of tried to laugh off the demands being made by her sibling before actually giving in. As with Finn and Liam’s situation, I know I wasn’t the only one wanting to reach through the screen and smack someone… in this case, Zoe.

Zende, Paris kiss B&B

Now, we all knew there was no way Paris was actually going to turn down that job, let alone leave town, but playing that beat allowed Zende to finally make a play for the Buckingham who is clearly a runner-up in his eyes. But I was majorly bothered by the fact that Paris let herself be cowed, even for a moment, in that way. It simply didn’t seem to be in line with what we’ve seen of this spunky, feisty, tell-it-like-it-is character.

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On the other hand, at least Zoe’s attempt to bully her sister outta town kicked this story up a notch. Carter is starting to wonder why his bride-to-be is so invested in Paris’ love life, and the model’s actually questioning whether Zende might have feelings for her. Now that Carter’s talking about tying the knot ASAP — you know he’s already booked the Forrester living room — look for this story to pick up speed next week.

Random Thoughts

• Over the past few weeks, that picture of Steffy and Liam — you know, the one hanging in her living room — has been the topic of much conversation. I don’t know how this didn’t occur to me before, but I was struck this week by the deeper, unspoken symbolism of that picture. Steffy has spent her entire life in the shadow of another portrait — that of her namesake, Stephanie, which for decades glared at the family from above the mansion’s mantel. She knows that a picture speaks a thousand words about the person who hangs it and where their heart lies. So yeah, whether she acknowledges it or not, there’s a reason for that picture’s prominent placement, and it doesn’t have a darn thing to do with daughter Kelly.

BB Vinny Office HW

• Anybody else thrilled to see Vinny pop in for a visit with his old pal Thomas? This being Bold & Beautiful, we know that wasn’t a coincidence. Neither was those pills falling out of his pocket to not-so-subtly remind us that he’s a dealer. The only real question is whether Steffy or someone else will be seeking out his services.

• With everything going on in his life, it’s definitely time to give Finn a talk-to. So far, we know more about the doctor’s bare chest than we do his background.

That’s my take on this week’s Bold & Beautiful episodes. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments, then flash back to every beat of the rivalry between Steffy and Hope via the gallery below.


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