Deconstructing B&B: Fans are split on Spectra’s survival

May 8 - 12

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The new Spectra gang is featuring heavily in May Sweeps and as a result, fans seem to be either loving or hating the show right now depending on their perspective on the return of that family. Some are gushing over the Thomas/Sally romance and others are finding it rushed, aren’t feeling it at all, or are upset that Thomas’ relationship with Caroline isn’t being addressed. Thoughts:

Awkward run-in.
Brooke’s interaction with Ridge and Bill at Il Giardino seemed to leave little doubt as to her level of commitment to her current fiance. Her hope that the pair would make peace for RJ’s sake made me giggle…chances are that’s not going to happen anytime soon. It was also a laugh to see Bill making stallion sounds in the restaurant – a contrast to his nasty side that was on display more often than not this week.

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The Spencer boys.
Although ‘cartoon villain’ Bill can be annoyingly one-note, the wisecracks that fly between him and his sons can be entertaining. Wyatt and Bill may call Liam a boy scout, but his integrity is something fans can count on (especially those of us who tend to root for an underdog). I thought Jarrett confessed a tad too easily to Liam, but nonetheless it pushed the storyline forward as he told Steffy, who in turn dialed Thomas in. It made for a ‘feelgood’ scene between the siblings, and later between Liam and Steffy as well.

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Champagne and conga lines.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, we loved Thomas coming through for Sally and testifying to keep her out of jail, and this week he went even further after learning she’d been sabotaged by Bill. Speculation was rife that Spectra Fashions would be saved at the last minute, and it was Thomas who swooped in to confront Bill and write a big check. It was a classic romantic gesture that also ensured a future for Spectra Fashions, kicking off a conga line of celebration in the office and earning a mixed bag of reactions from viewers.

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– Candace Young


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