The Logan Sisters Pushing Katie to Take Bill Back Is All Kinds of Messed Up

September 14 - 18

Katie push Bill B&B

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Bold and Beautiful had a couple of exasperating plot points this week, but happily, we did have some romance and confrontations to enjoy. Loved Thomas laying into Liam!

Dumbed down

I was expecting a really cunning scheme from Quinn and was kind of disappointed that it was more inane than crafty. Suggesting Ridge remarry Shauna in front of the family and pointedly mentioning Brooke should be there made her agenda transparent, and Ridge standing there like a doofus had me rolling my eyes. Given he doesn’t remember the first wedding and isn’t in love with Shauna, one would expect him to say he’s getting an annulment regardless of what he decides about his future with Brooke, but instead he agreed to consider it. D’oh. I know the reveal of Quinn and Shauna’s secret will be worth it in the end, but wow, this story has been dumbed down in the meantime.

Don’t do it!

Exasperating situation number two brings us to Katie’s sisters, including the one who kissed her husband and ruined her relationship – again – pushing her to reconcile with Bill, who waxes eloquent about how good she is for him, but seems to have more passion for her sister. I couldn’t do it, and I don’t want Katie to either – Bill doesn’t deserve Katie back. It’s time she stirred the pot herself for a change. I’d love to see her back with Wyatt as they were fun, sexy, and controversial, and it would free him of the dreadful pairing with Flo.

Drop it like it’s hot

I was sad we didn’t get to see Vinny deliver his gift in person and make puppy dog eyes at Steffy (I know, it’s just me) but I’m here for the conflicts that have popped up surrounding her accident and painkiller dependency storyline. Finn stood up to Liam in a professional way – here’s hoping they will have some livelier run-ins down the road too. Happily, rather than back off, Finn came clean to Steffy, which led to them sharing a kiss. I loved their goofy smiles and was so glad the show was able to have Tanner Novlan’s wife act as a stand-in for Steffy, which was seamless! I’ve really miss the passionate scenes on soaps with the social-distancing. In other confrontation news, I was totally feeling Thomas when he laid into Liam after he started in about Finn and Steffy – loved it! It was so satisfying to have someone address Liam’s flip-flopping between Hope and Steffy. Liam’s clearly jealous with all this concern – as if Steffy doesn’t know her own mind and a swoon-worthy and caring doctor is going to somehow take advantage of her. Please!

Swerving back to Vinny’s pain pills – they must pack quite a punch to have knocked Steffy out like they did. Did she take all five?

Downhill from here?

Carter and Zoe are adorable, and I’d really like to see this guy catch a break in the romance department, but it all seems too easy and perfect. In the soap world we know that means something is coming down the pike to mess it up. While it’s unclear what the state of his marriage to Nicole is, Zende’s imminent return has been teased as the beginning of a possible triangle. With the news that the role of Paris Buckingham has been cast, we could see the sisters battling over a man as well… this is Bold and Beautiful after all!

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