Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy’s Pain Meds Turn Her Into a Bad Mom, but Liam Missing Work Makes Him Super Dad

August 31 - September 4

Liam, Bill talk about Steffy B&B

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I’m Lori and I had so much to rant about, Candace let me take over the opinion column this week. Mostly, it was a bad week for women in the fictional fashion world. Whether they were living solely for a man, suddenly spiraling into addiction, or receiving a gross proposition, I was throwing my hands up in disgust and rolling my eyes a lot. I am however intrigued by one pairing and oddly warming up to a character I previously hated.  

No more mannequins

What a breath of fresh air Zoe and Carter were this week. They were fun and flirty and it gave us new faces and dialogue to break up the monotony of the repetitive Bill/Brooke/Ridge & Shauna/Quinn scenes. There was also a Zende mention, which got me excited thinking about the character’s return. Hopefully, it will lead to a real storyline for them all. Maybe a Zende/Zoe/Carter triangle? While I enjoyed their scenes, it was cringe-inducing watching Carter kiss mannequin-Zoe. The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t need the kissing scenes. Leave the mannequins in storage and skip them. It’s way better without.

Devious attracts devious

How weird that they had Bill hit Steffy with his car but none of their history or chemistry has been played. Instead, they made it about Brooke? There’s zero rooting value for Bill to get back with her, especially with dialogue like “Get back on your Stallion and ride into the future.” Thankfully, Brooke was just as turned off as I was and told him to go back to Katie, but he doesn’t deserve her either. Like Candace said in last week’s opinion piece, Bill is totally unrecognizable. I’d like to see him embrace his deviousness without the love of a good woman holding him back. He should hook up with someone who encourages and appreciates that side of him, like Quinn. She is boring with Eric and things aren’t looking great for them anyway. She could use a good distraction, aside from living vicariously through Shauna, and Bill could be just that.

Not a good look

Ridge and Shauna could have been a great pairing, but, she had to go and trick him into marrying her when he was blackout drunk. That totally destroyed her rooting value. It’s so hard to listen to her talk about how happy she is to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester and how much she loves him. Not to mention, the flashbacks of their wedding aren’t funny which I feel is what they are going for. We wouldn’t find a woman forced into marriage while stumbling around, slurring her words amusing or romantic. Why would we think that about a man? She didn’t rape him or even kiss him again while he was unable to make decisions for himself, but it still feels icky. Characters drugging other characters to manipulate them is a classic soap opera trope, but it’s beyond time to abandon it when it comes to anything approaching intimacy.

Speaking of Shauna, she needs a purpose other than spending every waking moment making sure Ridge is happy and fulfilled, which was part of her actual dialogue. She needs a job or a hobby. Anything.

Did the impossible happen?

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m starting to like Thomas. His not being obsessed with Hope any longer is a big part of it, but he’s been great with Steffy, especially echoing the audience by wondering why in the heck that life-size picture of her and Liam is still hanging in her living room. He stills needs to own up to his despicable behavior but I’m open to rooting for him.

Double standard

I can’t believe there was a whole episode heaping praise on Liam for taking care of his kids (something a father is supposed to do) but Steffy was sent into a pill-popping stupor making Hope question her parenting skills. Why does this feel like it’s leading up to Hope fighting for custody of Kelly? Does she need to have all the kids? Also, why is everyone who badgered Steffy into taking the pills now worried about her taking their advice?

These are just my thoughts on this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful. What are yours? Tell us below and then get your free daily soap opera fix for all soaps delivered to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.


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