Deconstructing B&B: Zende’s unexpected dream fuels Spectra speculation

May 1 - 5


While this week had its ‘moments’, as noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, the storylines feel a tad underwhelming for May Sweeps as there’s really not been a whole lot happening. Thoughts:

Keeping Katie quiet.
I was expecting there to be some entertaining run-ins between Quinn and Katie at Forrester Creations, but instead it oddly went the route of Katie being confronted by a room full of people intent on forcing her to keep her mouth shut, and later, Brooke actually grilling her sister sort of accusingly. Considering their recent history, I’m not sure why Brooke would expect Katie to unquestionably do her bidding. It’s interesting that they’ve made a big point of backing away from the sexual chemistry between Ridge and Quinn, while having Katie constantly hint that ‘it could happen again’, and Eric going on (and on and on) at every opportunity about Quinn’s loyalty. It’s classic “B&B,” for sure, but every time Eric starts up about Quinn being the wind beneath his wings or whatever, I just want someone to scream at him to stop and then tell him the truth, hehe. Maybe it will happen!

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Crunch time.
As the Spectra storyline continued I was still feeling for Sally despite everything, and really not happy with Shirley – what a hardass! She was more concerned about filling the orders than her granddaughter possibly going to prison. Eep. Thomas not being able to get past his feelings is a sure sign that he will do something to intervene and I’m all for it. RJ and Coco were up to their eyeballs in this mess, but then completely disappeared after the arrest. Then there was Zende’s out-of-the-blue announcement that he wanted to become a designer. Given his disillusionment when he didn’t receive the response he’d hoped for, it won’t be surprising if he jumps ship and throws in with the Spectras to help keep them afloat. That chance conversation with CJ seemed quite telling. Zende’s sudden aspirations got a mix of reactions from fans:

Highrise hopes.
Bill’s love for the skyscraper is cartoonish, but funny. Wyatt is the loyal sidekick, keeping Bill’s manipulations secret, and sporting a new look styled around the all-important sword necklace. Bill doesn’t want Liam, aka The Boy Scout, to know what he’s been up to, which is a surefire sign that he’s about to find out. I’ve a feeling that will only serve to help Sally’s situation, but we’ll see.

Friday notes.
Ridge ran into Brooke and did his broken record routine about getting past his mistake. Bleh. I laughed out loud when Bill showed up and suggested a skirt must need to be hemmed somewhere, hehe. These two have the best one-liners! Elsewhere it was time for Sally’s preliminary hearing, and not entirely surprisingly, Thomas showed up at the eleventh hour and intervened on her behalf. Their ensuing kiss with the movie music was so cheesy, but I loved it.

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– Candace Young


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