B&B’s Bill Is Hardly Recognizable – Taking Advice From Quinn in Half-Hearted Sister Triangle

August 24 - 28

bill argues with quinn about ridge and brooke B&B


The action is moving along much better this week on Bold and Beautiful, with fewer of those pesky and maddening repetitive conversations, but the subject matter isn’t always leaving me bowled over. I feel like it’s same people, same situation, different day when it comes to Ridge/Brooke/Bill and Bill/Brooke/Katie. It’s just too stale to get super into it – I don’t feel overly invested in the outcomes one way or another.

Cause and effect

Despite the addition of Shauna to the mix, and Quinn’s devilish scheming against Brooke, the triangle aspect of Ridge, Brooke, Bill just feels so played out. When you don’t even care who they end up with because it’s happened so many times before (and you know it will happen again), it seems pointless to root for any particular couple. Moreover, we’ve heard Ridge and Brooke say the same lines to one another so often that they’ve lost effect. I used to be drawn in every time they had one of those emotional ‘destiny’ moments, but not so much now. As for Bill, how are we to cheer for him and Katie to reconcile…ever? He doesn’t seem like the assertive Bill we know when he’s half-heartedly schlepping around town telling whichever sister will have him that he loves them…and listening to Quinn? He’s lost some edge. It’s just become so tiresome how often these characters switch from partner to partner. All we can do is find the lighthearted side to it…


I really like the vibe between Steffy and Finn, but why do I feel like after all of her loved ones pushing her to take her pain pills, someone will turn around and get angry at Finnegan for refilling her prescription and blame him for getting her hooked. The poor doc has no idea what he’ll be dealing with. Clearly, as Liam’s still in the picture helping with Kelly, questions will arise as to whether or not Steffy is able to care for her properly while on painkillers. Enter Hope. I just hope they don’t go too annoying with this premise. It’s a bit of a stretch given she already ended up with Thomas’ kid. Also a stretch, Steffy not lying in bed with broken ribs after a motorcycle accident, which probably explains why she’s in so much pain in the first place. Only on soaps…

An eyeful

I got a laugh out of Zoe walking in when Carter just happened to be changing his clothes at work, so she got an eyeful of his shirtless physique. It was a cute scene with her blushing and struggling to form a sentence. I find Carter a little dry at times, but he’s a great guy, and hot, of course. I’m looking forward to seeing where this might go. It’s past time he had a storyline – it’s been eons since he interacted with Maya, which is the last one I can recall.

These are my opinions on the show. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comment section below.


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