It’d Be Off-Putting to See Wyatt Gush About Flo During a Pregnancy and Childbirth Since This Couple Has Zero Appeal

August 10 - 14

Eric talks to Donna B&B

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Bold and Beautiful likes to build to a reveal, but Ridge took forever to tell Brooke he was married to Shauna. In contrast, Steffy’s dependence on pain pills seemed to happen very quickly. In social distancing news, we got a Ridge/Shauna kiss courtesy of Denise Richards’ real-life hubs standing in for Thorsten Kaye as Ridge. Thoughts:

Flatt family

Wyatt and Flo were talking about having kids, and it had me thinking a lot of things. As the couple doesn’t have appeal, the prospect of watching Wyatt gush about how amazing Flo is throughout a pregnancy and childbirth is relatively off-putting. If the plan is to have some kind of drama or tragedy befall a Flatt baby so as to level the playing field with respect to what Flo did to Hope and Liam, I feel like no matter what they write for this character it’s not going to have the desired result.

Until Carter do us part

Bold and Beautiful has the power to annul undesirable marriages even after they’ve been consummated and gone on for months, but suddenly, Ridge is semi-helpless to free himself from a marriage he doesn’t even remember taking part in, too funny. I still think Ridge’s marriage to Shauna was a soapy twist but there was definitely a sea change in this storyline from before the production stoppage. Prior to that, Ridge was done with Brooke, wounded beyond words by her kissing Bill etc., and was into Shauna. Now he’s acting like Shauna’s someone he barely knows and like the dramatics over Bill were inconsequential. A small shift, but noticeable…perhaps to make Shauna more of a ‘schemer’, though they’re still emphasizing how uncomfortable she is with deception. It would be quite a twist if her conscience gave way to a confession, which would almost certainly cause her bestie a world of trouble. Eric’s already confiding in Donna, so the writing is on the wall for Quinn’s secret to fracture her marriage. Get out the honey jar! I wished Pam was hovering and snooping when Donna and Eric were talking as she had so wanted Quinn out of the picture. Anyway, after taking a week for Ridge to let Brooke know he’d married Shauna, it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take for this to blow up, but you know it will.


I like the change in Thomas, including his new facial hair, which really suits him. Having him in a brotherly role helps to temper the impression we had of him after his previous bad behavior. Many have commented on Steffy’s addiction to pills seemingly happening overnight. I’d agree, and I wonder, as Thomas keeps mentioning Vinny, whether Steffy will turn to him to get more pills. Hmm. In related commentary, it seems as though Hope’s decided the nasty goings-on surrounding letting her think her baby was dead are bygones where both Thomas and Zoe are concerned. The girls decided they’d team up to work on Hope for the Future and I can’t say that prospect excites me, but maybe it will just be a reason for them to be at the office. With Zoe and Carter having a flirtation, if anything develops, it’s going to happen there. So far, I like their vibe together.

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