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Deconstructing B&B: May Sweeps anticipation feels a little underwhelming

April 24 - 28

Much of the week felt like filler, with quite a few repetitive conversations and the dragging out of what action Forrester would take against Spectra. Friday things jumped up a notch as Sally was placed under arrest, but I was left wondering what, really, we are supposed to be anticipating going into May Sweeps. Thoughts:

Hostile work environment.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Katie’s taunting of Quinn had taken a slightly darker turn, and the fans who had remarked that Katie was ‘playing with fire’ were validated to an extent when Quinn fondled a letter opener in a way that suggested she would quite like to plunge it into her nemesis’ back. This was, of course, after the blissfully ignorant Eric assigned Katie to work with Quinn on the jewelry line. I get a kick out of Eric remaining gleefully oblivious while Quinn glares and Katie delivers cheerful but smug barbs mere feet away. As much as I feel it will be entertaining to see them try to work together, I’m also anticipating what will happen to change the dynamic and move the storyline along.

Dog with a bone.
Even when deliriously happy, Bill just can’t stop that drive to know everything and be on top of every situation. Wyatt cautioned him, but it seemed to have the opposite effect, as he is now obsessed with discovering what Ridge did to Brooke…to the point that his constant declarations on the subject of exposing him could be the next “B&B” drinking game. As much as the one-liners between Bill and Ridge are pure gold (“Beg all you want, Fido!”) I’m not much for seeing this triangle drag on as Ridge is already just repeating the same lines each time he’s in Brooke’s presence. In any case, some viewers were cheering Bill on in his bid to uncover Ridge’s misdeeds, while others were concerned that it could backfire on him:

You have to suspend disbelief at times on soaps , but in what universe would a nice girl like Coco sign on the dotted line to put her own sister behind bars for 15 years? How ridiculous to even have RJ ask her to do so, and worse, hold himself up as the prize. “We can be together…” Really?! Ack.

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Friday notes.
After a lot more talking, it was revealed that Zende wants a baby, Coco actually was going to turn on her sister, and Sally saved her the trouble by confessing and getting herself arrested. Of course I’m looking forward to Sally and Thomas reconciling, but as it’s a bit of a foregone conclusion that Sally won’t be sent to prison for fifteen years, all in all, I felt a little underwhelmed going into May Sweeps as there’s no sense of being on the verge of any huge drama or reveal, unless maybe Eric is going to find out about Quinn and Ridge in the month ahead.

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– Candace Young


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