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Deconstructing B&B: Katie’s taunting turns unexpectedly to blackmail

April 17 - 21

The drama from the Spectra fashion show kept coming, there was some cheesy fun with Brooke and Bill, and Katie continued to torment Quinn. Thoughts:

Well, I was feeling all kinds of things as the news that Spectra had stolen Forrester designs gradually became known and various reactions and confrontations happened. Over at Forrester, Brooke was coddling RJ (honestly I’m going to start doing shots every time she assures him they will ‘always be a family’) when they looked online and saw the stolen designs on display at the Spectra show. It was off to the races then, as Brooke rushed to tell Ridge and Coco showed up to face RJ. It was so sweet that he believed her, and sad that she still had to be fired. I felt awful for the kids even though as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, I have issues with RJ behaving like an aging Lothario. Back at Spectra, Thomas and Sally were positively heartbreaking as she realized too late that Shirley was wrong and he loved her and would have helped. Ack! Argh! And what’s up with ‘Grams’ being a total dream-crusher anyway? Imagine telling your family member they’re destined to be a bottom-feeder all their lives. Wow. I guess that was part of what had me feeling for Sally the most in all of this. The Forresters were the least concerning, as they huffed and puffed about having to sketch up another round of designs, but there was little doubt they’d get it done.

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The sword and the stallion.
There were also ramifications for Bill from the Spectra fashion show, but he seemed to forget all about it when Brooke turned up in his office. His sword necklace looked amazing back on his chest, and we even got to hear the stallion ‘neigh’, before he threw Brooke onto the desk. Hehe, loved it.

Ridge faced the music over at the Forrester mansion, with Eric harping not only about the designs stolen on his watch, but his failure to tie the knot with Brooke. Katie was on hand to give Quinn more grief and to collect on her previous offer of a job. She also had Ridge and Quinn’s blood pressure rising with her tease-y near reveal to Eric. “The truth is probably right in front of our faces.” Ha! While it’s soapy to keep this secret from Eric, it’s been a stretch to believe Brooke and Katie would both do so, knowing he wouldn’t want to be kept in the dark, and it’s even more implausible that Katie would double-down and blackmail Quinn to benefit from the situation. With “B&B” you have to go with these sudden personality swings though… Anyway, Ridge and Quinn in the Forrester kitchen with the honey had me laughing and fondly remembering the days of Donna and her ‘Honeybear’! Fans weighed in on the change in Katie:

Friday notes.
While I was glad that Ridge called Katie out on her blackmail, since it’s really not her, his declaration that he planned to fight for Brooke was met with less enthusiasm. The last thing “B&B” viewers need is for this Ridge/Brooke/Bill triangle to keep going. Why are they always done to death? Perhaps now that Brooke is engaged to Bill, and it was her that proposed, we will actually get a marriage and move away from the triangle situation. Brooke and Bill are one of those couples that are ‘wrong’ because he was married to her sister, but ‘right’ because of their chemistry and vibe onscreen as a couple. The stallion bit is cheesy as it gets, but it’s ‘feelgood’ fun and I genuinely like what they bring out in one another.

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– Candace Young


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