Deconstructing B&B: Flo Chastising Sally for Lying Was Absurd, but Ended With a Terrific Cliffhanger

April 20 - 23

Penny, Sally look at Flo Bold and Beautiful

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It wasn’t a particularly eventful week on Bold and Beautiful until the end as there was a lot of dialogue. Sally’s storyline has been a disappointment, but ended on a comic note punctuated by a fun cliffhanger moment.


There was no follow-up on the Ridge, Shauna, and Brooke situation, instead, the focus turned to Katie and Bill’s fractured relationship as Katie chatted with Quinn, Wyatt, and Donna about it, and Bill sounded off to Wyatt. I wish they had made more of Wyatt having been with Katie in the past as it was one of my favorite pairings and I would love it if they’d go there again. So much soapier than sticking Wyatt with mopey Flo, which has no stakes and no pay-off. At times the conversations were repetitive, with Bill’s mantra about the kiss being a mistake, and Katie’s being she’d heard it all before and questioning trust, but I was feeling her matter-of-fact, world-weary demeanor toward the mess. I could have done with an attempt at sexual smolder as Bill was telling her he loved her and wouldn’t give up on her, but I understood he didn’t want to push his luck, and also it could have been a deliberate choice from the powers that be.

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The number of scenes devoted to characters discussing what a generous, selfless, good person Flo is bordered on ridiculous. I all but zone out once her name comes up because it’s annoying. As noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, Sally’s downfall was about redeeming Flo, it was obvious, but shoving it down viewers’ throats probably wasn’t the best way to go about it. That tactic usually has the opposite effect. It seemed absurd to have Flo lecturing Sally about telling the truth when Flo lied for months on end while allowing someone to grieve their baby and another woman to bond with a baby she would have to give up. Sally’s yarn is manipulative and will piss people off, but she’s really only hurting herself.

To recap, I haven’t enjoyed the turn this storyline took at all, nor the reasons behind it. That said, I found the scenes with Penny and Sally trying to drag Flo’s unconscious body out as Wyatt arrived in the driveway unexpectedly hilarious, and I loved the soapy cliffhanger ending with Wyatt yelling, “What the hell?!” as he entered the beach house. The camera zooming in on his shocked eyes left us wondering what he saw and eager to find out.

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These are my opinions on the show. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comment section below. Please note Bold and Beautiful columns will resume when new episodes begin airing.

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