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Deconstructing B&B: Spectra scheme is steeped in heartbreak

April 10 - 14

In the last Deconstructing B&B, fans were grabbing their popcorn for Katie versus Quinn but as it turned out we didn’t even see them this week. Whether it’s due to the half-hour format or something else, “B&B” often tends to become hyper-focused on one storyline. It’s all the characters can talk about, and all viewers see – in this instance the new Spectra gang was in the spotlight. I’m enjoying the Spectras, particularly Sally and Thomas’ relationship, but for fans waiting on other storylines and characters, it’s frustrating. Thoughts:

Love in the fast lane.
Despite the campy, grandiose speeches a la Aunt Sally and the quirky characters surrounding her, young Sally has proven to be a very relatable, genuine person, whose vulnerabilities and struggles make her ‘rootable’, not only on her own but also with Thomas. They fell in love in a laughably short time, and yet I was drawn in and was able to ‘feel’ the heartbreak when they split. Not everyone will agree, as we all watch for different reasons and have unique perspectives, but being able to ‘feel’ something about what’s happening, for me, means it’s working. The rest of the Spectra gang still tends toward the cartoon-ish though their personalities and motivations are emerging. The bit with Darlita panicking when she thought Coco was hooking-up with Rick Forrester on the spycam was the perfect comic relief to balance the angst and anxiety surrounding the sinister business of stealing the Forrester designs. Fans reacted to the Sally/Thomas break-up:

Caressing the skyscraper.
Over at Spencer Publications, Bill was none too pleased to hear Spectra hadn’t caved and was planning another attempt at a comeback. He spun into ‘Dollar Bill’ mode, which can often be funny, but is less palatable when his more human qualities go entirely missing. Anyway, Bill beefed up his offer to CJ (love seeing him!) and attempted to school Wyatt, who drifted between vaguely questioning his father and admiring Sally’s photo. Here’s hoping they don’t have him start dating someone who is in love with someone else again. Been there, done that, way too many times! In any case, Bill gave Jarrett his marching orders, so we’ll likely see him blow his stack when the reporter fails to return with a signed purchase agreement.

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Got your back.
I have issues with RJ. He’s like a 50 year-old schmoozer in a kid’s body and it’s just weird. He needs to spend more time around regular teens and less time around aging Forrester Lotharios. I cracked up when he sent Coco that wrist corsage. What?! Haha!

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Friday notes.
You’ve gotta’ love a good fashion show on “B&B,” and this one was rife with undercurrents of suspicion and guilt. There was even a circling shark (Bill), hehe. Yes, Sally and the gang pulled it off but it was not the way she wanted to do it, and throughout, she swung between trying to be happy that they’d saved the company and looking like she was going to be sick. It’s so wrong that they stole, yet because Sally obviously has a big heart, it’s a situation that leaves one feeling torn and conflicted. Bleh. After seeing Coco’s disgust and Thomas’ deep disappointment, we know Sally will be doing more suffering than celebrating, and there’s bound to be a lot of drama to look forward to next week when the others at Forrester find out. Should be good!

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Photo credit: Chris D/JPI

– Candace Young


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