Deconstructing B&B: Making Sally Look Desperate Isn’t Empowering or Appealing

March 30 – April 2

Sally look desperate Bold and Beautiful

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With the exception of Ridge deciding to head to Vegas with Shauna, things went south for me after the Brooke and Bill kiss fallout on Bold and Beautiful as Bill and Katie’s scenes felt tired and Sally’s storyline went in a totally unappealing direction.

Blame to go around

The fallout continued after Brooke and Bill’s kiss was exposed, and as noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, nobody in Brooke’s living room had any business judging anyone else, but if they all recognized that it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun (although watching them try to remember everything the others have done in order to call them out might be). Bridget defended her mother, Ridge found a reason to make Brooke kissing Bill far worse than him kissing Shauna, and Katie was fed up dealing with the whole mess again. Quinn was on quite a high horse considering her past transgressions (farther to fall), and Brooke made one of the most self-aware statements I’ve ever heard her utter when she simply said she was impulsive, which led to her making mistakes. I felt for her in that moment, while also noting she tends to judge others quite harshly when they behave impulsively in the same way. Again, no one is blameless on Bold and Beautiful. Quinn returned to Brooke’s place to rub her nose in it and to raise the issue of Ridge and Shauna again. Her agenda(s) were showing and she didn’t care, which left me curious as to whether Eric will be merely ‘disappointed’ as she expects or far worse.

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Been there…

As much as Heather Tom’s emotional performances as Katie always draw me in, the latest round of strife with her and Bill had my attention flagging. As the character keeps saying, we’ve been down this road more than a few times. Occasionally I think it’s genius the way Brad Bell can continually rile viewers up over the same rivalries and love triangles, and other times I truly cannot understand the choice not to go for something fresh and completely different. This is a good example of the latter as it just feels tired.

Vegas bound

I still like the vibe and chemistry between Ridge and Shauna, and the fact that it’s something different is a big plus. I’m hoping for some fun romance in Las Vegas!

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Gone sour

I definitely soured on Sally’s storyline this week, as it’s all I feared. Sally’s being made to look bad – and desperate – while ‘poor’ Flo and Wyatt who have sacrificed so much for her, come up smelling roses. Yet another strong female character acting this way because of a man. I’d have been all for an empowering storyline where Wyatt got what was coming to him for dropping her a second time for Flo, but this isn’t it.

These are my opinions on the show. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comment section below.

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