Deconstructing B&B: The Reveal of Brooke & Bill’s Kiss Brought Comedy, Priceless Reactions & Fallout

March 23 - 27

Steffy reaction video kiss Bold and Beautiful

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I was less enthused with Sally’s storyline as Flo became more involved, but loved the big reveal of Brooke and Bill’s kiss, which brought comedy, drama, and fallout.

Still torn

I still don’t know what to think about Sally suddenly faking her illness. It’s obvious some sort of swerve was taken with the writing as we saw her experiencing symptoms while alone. So presumably she found out offscreen that she wasn’t dying and decided to use her doctor friend to execute this plot. As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing B&B, Sally playing Wyatt is just desserts to an extent, but the whole thing reeks of yet another attempt to drum up viewer support for Flo and/or the Flo and Wyatt pairing. I can’t see it working as the mopey blonde doesn’t seem to be able to shake off the stigma of her involvement in the baby scandal with fans, regardless of which characters on canvas sing her praises. In fact, if the powers that be throw Sally under the bus to try and garner sympathy for Flo, it could backfire. It’s soapy for Sally to revert to her old ways, but it’s also upsetting to see her risk all the good will she’s built up over a guy who wants someone else. I’m torn!

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Kissing tag

Of course, we all knew that random kiss between Bill and Brooke was going to cause huge problems, and as expected, it was good fun watching Quinn and Brooke face off in the lead up to the reveal. In typical Bold and Beautiful fashion, everyone became obsessed with the digital photo frame that would ultimately provide the means of exposure, and the scene was set with a gathering comprised of a select group of characters to be on hand for the shocker. As anticipation built, we enjoyed Donna shooting dirty looks at a puzzled Bill, Bridget’s timely return, Bill snacking and snarking, and Quinn’s beaming arrival. When the video of Brooke and Bill kissing came on the photo frame during toasts the fun ramped up even more with Donna’s comic attempts to signal Brooke. The various reactions as everyone realized what they were watching were priceless!

Of course, the room was full of people who have no place judging anyone, and at this point I wouldn’t even try to figure out who was the bigger hypocrite, but I figure Brooke could stand to take some needling given she so recently put Liam through the wringer for allowing himself to get drawn into a kiss with Steffy. Ridge really has no argument as he was recently kissing Shauna, but it was entertaining watching him go off. Honestly, it’s like a big game of kissing tag…so weird for adults. Quinn, for her part, may have gotten a bit too caught up in bringing Brooke down and not considered what the fallout might be for her – Eric will be disappointed at the very least, or in a nightmare scenario for Quinn, he could be the one who ends up comforting Brooke.

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