Deconstructing B&B: Brooke & Bill’s Kiss Could Spell Trouble for Her Reunion With Ridge

March 9 - 13

Brooke smile Bill Bold and Beautiful

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It was a real mixed bag on Bold and Beautiful’s latest episodes as we had an unexpected development involving a kiss, some filler with Wyatt and Bill discussing Thomas, and of course the build-up to Thomas being exposed.

Mixed reviews

The week kicked off with Brooke and Bill rather inexplicably ending up in Hope’s cabin together sharing a liplock. Those who read my columns know I love all manner of messiness and naughtiness, but this was a touch too close to Katie’s latest near-death to really enjoy it. It also feels like they’re trying to shoehorn Bill back into the canvas by having him suddenly appear ranting about Thomas – he should have been involved from the beginning, then all of this would have made more sense. Anyway, with Thomas being exposed and Brooke reuniting with Ridge, presumably, they will be happy together again for a bit. At least until he or Katie finds out about the kiss…because you know they will. Someone witnessed Bill and Brooke’s intimate moment and there was speculation as to who it might have been – my best guess is it was Shauna (though why on earth she’d have been there I don’t know), but most everyone else was accounted for and they made a point of her leaving Forrester Creations and returning. I considered Katie, but I think she’d have confronted them. In any case, another go ‘round of Brooke and Bill is probably coming, and the prospect was met with mixed reviews, as some love them together due to their great chemistry, while others are tired of the recycled storylines that seem so prevalent on Bold and Beautiful.

Relieving and fun

In the previous Deconstructing B&B, Thomas’ obsession storyline had become exhausting, so it was both relieving and fun to watch the drama unfold as Thomas’ wedding to Zoe got underway and he was ultimately exposed. Thomas was almost visibly squirming as Zoe and Carter kept pushing him to keep going and he kept darting anxious looks at the staircase to see if Hope would stop the proceedings. That, along with Vinny’s eyes bulging out when it appeared as though Thomas would end up married to Zoe, was so funny! Hope, of course, showed up in the nick of time dressed in the gown that Thomas had designed for her and Thomas took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Thinking his dream had come true, he chose Hope over Zoe, who finally saw the truth and dragged him. The messiness was soapy goodness, and while I wasn’t a fan of other things that have happened along the way (like the stuff with Liam/Hope/Steffy), I give credit to the powers that be, who are excellent at delivering dramatic reveals and payoffs regardless of all else. It will be interesting to see what the future will hold, if anything, for characters such as Zoe (perhaps she’ll get together with Carter) and Vinny (I’d like to see him stick around with a good story), and what direction will next be taken with Thomas. Here’s hoping he takes a break from obsessing for a while.

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