Deconstructing B&B: Fans Want “More Fashion and Business Skullduggery” and to “End the Waffling of Liam”

February 21

Liam, Steffy waffling Bold and Beautiful


Bold and Beautiful has been bringing the drama, but aside from Sally’s illness, much of the focus is again on a small group of characters. Many fans have strong feelings about what would make the soap opera more entertaining. I asked readers in the B&B message board and canvassed social media to find out what viewers would like to see moving forward and hopefully to help give them a voice as they’ve so many great ideas.

Save Sally Spectra and rebuild her fashion house

The previous Deconstructing B&B, held out hope for Sally and many shared this sentiment and want Sally to stick around and even get her own fashion house going again, perhaps with help from Bill, and there was a surprising number of commenters in favor of Sally staying with Wyatt. message board poster JaSamG4L suggested, “A strong Sally/Steffy friendship after Sally beats her illness and becomes the most coveted fashion designer in town.” Facebook poster, Donna LaMere Blauvelt, said, “Bring back Spectra fashions and have the fashion battles begin again!” Notably, other than a few who like Wyatt with Flo, there was next to no mention of her character in the storyline suggestions.

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Steffy gets a new man

Obviously, fans have a lot of different opinions on who should be paired with who on Bold and Beautiful: Sally/Wyatt, Wyatt/Katie, Bill/Brooke, Bill/Steffy, Ridge/Shauna, even Ridge/Quinn… There isn’t room to list all the couples that fans prefer, but one thing is certain, most viewers want to move forward from the love triangle involving Liam/Hope/Steffy. Though some fans still want to see Liam settled with either Hope or Steffy, there’s a growing number of folks who are excited by the prospect of Steffy chucking the portrait hanging in the cliffhouse and getting a new man. Facebook’s Blauvelt summed up, “End the waffling of Liam! More of Dollar Bill!”

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Favorite characters return, more diversity

There is an overwhelming sentiment that Bold and Beautiful should return to its roots and re-focus on fashion, with competing fashion houses, and past characters (or their relatives) coming back to fill positions. Many noted that Forrester family members, Felicia, Thorne, and Rick should return and be involved in the company. Fans would love to see Taylor Hayes, the Avants, the unfinished drama surrounding Rick and Maya’s relationship, and a much-needed storyline for longtime cast member Justin Barber. Some fans called for more diversity on the CBS soap opera. Twitter poster, High_Drama pointedly asked, “Why is Bell’s version of L.A. so white and straight?” There were numerous posters eager to bring back past favorites such as Nick Marone, Amber Moore, Deacon Sharpe and their children, and Pam Douglas for her comic relief.

Fresh storylines focusing on different characters

Fans would like to see several ongoing storylines involving more than one small group of characters as this becomes frustrating if there’s no respite. Given the show’s only half an hour, the powers that be should keep things moving at a good pace as they bring on fresh material. Viewers expressed a desire to see more varied stories with a wider range of characters moving forward, and for characters to call others out on their histories, which is super-satisfying. Message board poster Dew_Drops included ‘character development that sticks’ and ‘more fashion and business skullduggery’ on their wish list. Most are ready for Thomas’ storyline to advance, though there was a divide between those who want to see him get punished/get help/go away and those who would like to see him end up happy with either Hope or Zoe. A few pondered a storyline in which Zoe becomes pregnant by Thomas and Carter agrees to pretend it’s his child after Thomas’ manipulations are exposed.


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