Deconstructing B&B: Holding Out Hope for Sally’s Story, and Undefined Soap Disease, to Take a Wild Turn

February 10 - 14

Sally holding out hope Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and Beautiful is hitting some emotional notes with Sally’s illness. I nearly cried when she was choked up talking about the marriage and kids she’d never have…I say nearly because then she mentioned Wyatt and it made me angry. In other storylines, I’m ready for Thomas to achieve his goal or give it up and for Brooke and Ridge to move on as these themes are too repetitive.

Tear-jerking drama

The questions from the last Deconstructing B&B, about Sally’s illness were mostly answered this week except for putting a name on it. The good news is if nothing changes and it remains an undefined soap opera disease, it’s easier to find a last-minute cure, so I’m holding out hope for Sally. The storyline could have Wyatt put Flo on hold to make Sally’s last month amazing and even marry her before she dies, which would leave him in quite a position if Sally ends up living by some miracle. Or, what if Wyatt were to spend all his time with Sally and it turns out Flo somehow dies and Sally lives? Probably too wild a twist to hope for. Anyway, it’s made for some tear-jerking drama thus far what with Sally being told she’s terminal and only has a month to live. Courtney Hope’s doing excellent work contrasting her character’s devastation and fear with her determination to be strong. Of course, it makes no sense not to tell her relatives or even see them one last time, and that’s aggravating. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Hope was excited about Sally’s journey and enthused, “As an actor, I thought this is what I live for,” and added, “I’ve never done a story like this before. I’m excited to see what’s going to transpire.” Regarding the choice not to name the illness, she stated, “Ultimately, this story is about the fight that Sally is facing.” Aside from the fact that Katie blabbed (not surprising), she’s been an ideal support person for Sally. Hope’s take? “They are both very strong characters, and I think Katie’s the perfect person to be there for Sally because, medically, she’s been through it all.” Viewers had mixed reactions to Katie telling Bill and Wyatt about Sally’s prognosis.

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More machinations

Brooke’s issues with Quinn took an abrupt back seat to Thomas’ latest manipulation, namely throwing Zoe a surprise birthday party and kissing her in front of Douglas and Hope to elicit a reaction. Douglas’s immediate concern about Hope being replaced was ideal for Thomas, but odd as he had no issues with Liam being in the picture. Anyway, Hope was irked, supposedly on the kid’s behalf, but I was wondering if we were meant to suspect a hint of jealousy as well. With Liam hanging out at the cliffhouse ‘showing Steffy his heart’, Thomas may well get what he wants as his single-minded devotion to Hope may start to look appealing. If Hope ends up with Thomas, I hope Zoe will revert into crazy ex mode, which was how she was introduced, stalking Xander Avant across the pond. In related commentary, Brooke and Ridge have had the exact same argument about Thomas about a dozen times now, I could just about recite it by heart!

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