Deconstructing B&B: Hope’s Shock Over Liam & Steffy’s Kiss Was a Bit of a Stretch

February 3 - 7

Brooke, Liam argue point Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and Beautiful has been delivering more than one storyline, which is a boon, and I’m still excited about the ‘war’, and to learn what Sally’s facing, however I’d like to see more in the show that feels fresh or completely different. It too often feels recycled as Liam carries on with his flip-flopping, Quinn and Brooke harp about the portrait, etc.

Diagnosing Sally

In the previous Deconstructing B&B, I was concerned about Sally and trying to figure out what was wrong with her. polled viewers on Twitter and the majority believed she is suffering from a neurological disease such as Multiple Sclerosis. A particularly soapy suggestion was that she might have been poisoned by toxic dyes in the fabrics at Forrester Creations – I could totally see this being the case, but would wonder why others weren’t coming down with the same symptoms. Whatever’s wrong with our Sally, I’m glad Katie’s supporting her. Here’s hoping it’s manageable/curable.

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Alcohol-free alliance

Thomas teaming up with Quinn will certainly make for a formidable duo, and while I’m certain there are few lines they wouldn’t cross to achieve their goal of destroying Brooke, there was a moment here at when after reading the recap, Editor-in-Chief Christine Fix thought Thomas had found his conscience. Junior Editor Lori Wilson chimed in as well. The funny email exchange went like this:

Christine: “I laughed aloud at the part where Thomas tells Quinn he’ll work with her but not spiking drinks. Because of his high moral fiber. That’s the best line of the week.”

Lori: “Even a sociopath has a code!”

Christine: “It was touching. I mean I had a tear in my eye of pride…”

Candace: “He doesn’t have a moral code. He just doesn’t want Brooke to fall off the wagon because Ridge will go back to her to save her.”

Christine: “What? The heck you say. Thomas is a fine upstanding…”

Brooke’s definitely at a disadvantage given she’s already unwittingly fallen off the wagon (though how she didn’t recognize the feeling of having ingested alcohol I’ll never know) and has been eyeballing the liquor display ever since. Also, she doesn’t know about Quinn’s new alliance.

Moot point

I got a kick out of Brooke squalling at Liam about the kiss. It’s so Bold and Beautiful for her to be over there in his office insisting Thomas must have been responsible for the kiss when there’s no evidence of that whatsoever that she knows of – moreover, even if he planted the idea in Steffy’s mind, she still had to do it and Liam responded by kissing her back, so it’s a bit of a moot point. I mean, would Hope suddenly forgive Liam for kissing Steffy back because Thomas suggested it? He’s still not innocent. When Thomas came upon Steffy about to ‘confess’ to Hope and interrupted, Hope being utterly shocked that Liam would do such a thing was a bit of a stretch.

Liam was soon back at it in Steffy’s living room, as he leaned over to kiss her and ‘show her his heart’. Ack, here we go again. I wish he’d just get with one of them and stay there for a good long time because at this point, he’s flip-flopped so frequently that nothing he says or does has meaning anymore. In related commentary, Wyatt, still technically engaged to Sally, told Liam that Flo was the love of his life and it struck me yet again that I don’t feel that from them – they’re just words. He can say it a million times but it is what it is…a retcon that hasn’t garnered an optimum response from viewers.

These are my opinions on the show. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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