Deconstructing B&B: Viewers Wish for Rival Fashion Houses, Epic Returns

January 20 - 24

Shauna, Quinn, Eric, and Brooke go back and forth Bold and Beautiful

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In the previous Deconstructing B&B, Brooke and Quinn’s war brought new life to Bold and Beautiful, which only saw one episode this week amid soap pre-emptions for the impeachment trial. We took advantage of the lull to get readers thoughts on what they’d like to see if they were writing the CBS soap opera.

Eric who?

The bitchy back-and-forth between Quinn and Brooke was once again delicious, so much so I didn’t even care much to analyze who was right or wrong or hypocritical, etc., I was just thrilled it was happening. Of course, each of the women reaffirmed they were at war with one another – Quinn to Shauna and Brooke to Katie – totally disregarding Eric’s lectures about rising above. I can’t wait to see what will happen next with them.

Chump, no change

In my least favorite scenario currently playing out, Sally realized Wyatt was going to give her bad news, then, without even asking her to get dressed first, the doofus blurted that he’d decided to get back with Flo. Sally informed him she wouldn’t let him go so easily this time. This feels like a ‘no-win’ situation from every angle. I don’t know why Sally’s fighting to keep Wyatt given how he’s treating her, Wyatt’s coming off like a total chump, and Flo doing whatever suits her in the moment while playing the wide-eyed innocent rubs me the wrong way too. readers discussing Wyatt’s latest move seemed to feel for Sally and many expressed disrespect for Wyatt’s waffling.

What fans really want asked our Instagram followers their Bold and Beautiful wishful storylines and while some focused on which couples they wanted to be together, others talked about certain characters. A few expressed a desire for Thomas to get what was coming to him or behave a little less crazy. There were calls for the return of characters such as Bridget and Rick, along with story suggestions for them, as well as a lot of support for returning to the days of the rival fashion houses and fashion shows. Some would love to see Sally helming her own company again, having taken a liking to the quirky character, while others noted they had become fans of the CBS soap’s newest characters, Shauna and Flo, and wanted to see them get their man. Repetitive dialogue and triangles were the biggest complaints. What would you like to see happen on Bold and Beautiful?

These are my opinions on the show. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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