Deconstructing B&B: Declaration of War Brings New Life & Old Feels

January 13 - 17

Quinn slaps Brooke Bold and Beautiful

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold and the Beautiful truly delivered this week as we not only got to see characters discussing something other than Thomas’ obsession with Hope, but also got a heaping helping of drama as the situation with Brooke/Shauna/Quinn escalated fast. As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, the faster-paced story-telling has been a boon as well.


Well, I can lump Liam and Wyatt in the same commentary section because I’m fed up with both of them. The powers that be have had Liam flip-flop between Hope and Steffy so many times that even those who like the pairings are having trouble justifying why either woman would want to be with him at this point. It doesn’t help that when he kisses one behind the other’s back his focus afterward is guilt over being seen…and not so much over doing it. Wyatt, meanwhile, is proving to be no better, jumping back and forth between Flo and Sally. I still can’t seem to catch any feels with Wyatt and Flo, perhaps because we didn’t see any of this lifelong love they keep gushing about – we were just informed of it out of the blue and Wyatt had never even mentioned her before. They don’t generate enough heat to compensate, so I’m just not that into it. As for Katie instantly getting everyone to forgive Flo and giving Wyatt permission to open his heart to her again my eyes were rolling the whole time. In related commentary, I have a soft spot for Sally, who always seems to end up under the bus. Suddenly, her man is going back to his ex, her designs aren’t up to par, and she’s got an illness. Ugh.

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When Brooke stormed into Eric’s house demanding that Shauna – and Quinn – be removed from the premises, you just knew things were going to get ugly as Quinn was overhearing every word. When Quinn confronted Brooke, it was like a switch had been thrown…it was on. It was just like the old days of Brooke and Stephanie (whose name, happily, was invoked several times) as they slung increasingly barbed insults back and forth. Shauna got into the mix and I could barely contain my glee as she taunted Brooke about how Ridge kissed her and received a slap. I thought it might end there, but ‘that escalated fast’ is an understatement as crazy Quinn called Brooke a bitch while whacking her so hard she fell onto the sofa, and Brooke rallied to point her finger into Quinn’s face as the two declared war. As an added bonus, Brooke vowed that Stephanie’s portrait would go back up on the wall to replace Quinn’s. I don’t even know which of them I think will come out on top but Brooke is never ever to be underestimated in her ability to get what she wants, while Quinn, as we know, is capable of all manner of twisted things. The powers that be proved, once again, they certainly know how to do the big drama deliciously right.

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