Deconstructing B&B: New Year’s Hopes for End to Single Focus Storyline

December 30 - January 3

Thomas Hope confrontation Bold and Beautiful

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As with Thanksgiving, Christmas was skipped over on Bold and Beautiful and only mentioned the next day (likely due to pre-emptions), so there’s been nothing festive to break up the relentless focus on the single storyline and the repetitive conversations surrounding it. Other plot points are either dropped or merely given lip-service, and as noted in the previous Deconstructing B&B, the single focus story-telling was problematic for the soap in the very recent past, so it’s disappointing they’re going that route again where it begins to feel like even the most dramatic payoff isn’t worth it.


The repetition in Brooke and Ridge’s conversations has gone to mind-numbing levels over the past few weeks, and Shauna, who was adding some interest as Ridge’s make-out partner and confidant, and who Brooke was concerned about taking advantage, seemed to disappear from the equation inexplicably. This left Ridge and Brooke to repeatedly rehash the looming divorce and reiterate their unchanging positions on Thomas ad nauseum…it’s like being forced to watch them bang their heads against a brick wall.

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So weary

With literally every character (ironically) obsessing about whether or not Thomas is still obsessed with Hope, I’m feeling the exact same way I did amid the tunnel-vision baby swap storyline – fervently wishing for it to just be over and to move on to fresh and varied stories. I had high hopes for that after the baby reveal and instead the powers that be just ended up going down another rabbit hole. As the plot inches forward with Thomas bringing Zoe into the mix and I see viewers debating online, I realize, unfortunately, that I hardly care what happens as long as it ends – that’s become the focus. Alternatively, some fans have taken to sharing twists they’d like to see in the new year:

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