Deconstructing B&B: Proposed Fashion Showdown Is Fun but Weird

December 9 - 13

Hope tells Steffy game on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful has been moving a tad slow on some points; I’ve seen enough of Ridge and Brooke rehashing their stances on Thomas while Shauna paces and waits in the wings repeating the same sentiments over and over to Quinn. The other storyline surrounding Thomas is moving at a good clip, with a fashion showdown looming. More on that within…

Bone picking

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Ridge & Shauna’s dalliance is fun, but the things she’s said about Ridge and his break-up are sometimes odd. She hasn’t been reading her online searches closely enough if she thinks Ridge isn’t a cheater (not to mention he’s making out with her while married), and how does a mother who told her daughter to hide a baby kidnapping out of protectiveness fail to understand Brooke’s position on Thomas? Shauna’s repeatedly complained to Quinn that she can’t understand Brooke sabotaging her marriage to such an incredible man, but it might be a different story if Thomas had kept Flo’s baby from her. In a related bone to pick, why isn’t Shauna working? I realize she’s staying in the guesthouse and has few bills to pay but she’s always wearing nice outfits and doesn’t seem concerned about cash or getting a life at all. Maybe Quinn gave her an allowance? So funny, but maybe a dash more realism is in order. As for Brooke and Ridge’s divorce, I feel like the split’s been dragged out now as they keep rehashing the same sticking points. The papers are signed, let’s move on.

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Forrester Creations showdowns ahead

With Ridge ending his marriage because Brooke can’t co-exist with his son, and Thomas back at work at Forrester Creations, I suppose she will be asked to leave the company. I appreciate Steffy, Hope and Liam all continuing to be vocal about their skepticism that Thomas has changed. That brings us to the fashion showdown. Hope refused to work with Thomas but I suspect she’ll change her mind given she’s determined to participate. So this will not only reignite the rivalry between Hope and Steffy and their lines, but also begs the question, “Will Thomas cheat or manipulate to win?” After all, his scheme to spend time with Hope relies heavily on the Hope for the Future line. I’m sure the showdown will be a bit of fun, just as Thomas’ fantasy about being married to Hope was, but the powers that be really need to think about establishing another fashion house (maybe the losers of this showdown will go out on their own?) as many agree it’s weird to have Forrester lines competing against each other.

Never her boyfriend

Liam’s response to Wyatt’s drama surrounding Sally’s slip-up was entertaining – people do it all the time. Yep, they do! It almost feels like Wyatt’s looking for a reason not to commit even though his contention is that he’s concerned Sally’s not fully committed. Hmm.

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These are my opinions on the show. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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