Deconstructing B&B: Heart-Wrenching Break-Up Didn’t Miss a Beat

November 25 - 27

Ridge and Brooke break up Bold and Beautiful

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It was a short week for The Bold and the Beautiful due to the Thanksgiving holiday but it was long enough to show us more of Thomas doing his thing and also for Ridge to end his marriage to Brooke.

Making a point

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas’ villainy is soapy goodness but even with the nice little scene of him and Hope telling Douglas about the adoption together, and the irony of Brooke and Hope also keeping a huge secret being highlighted, I still can’t see him as a potential love interest due to the creep factor. In a poll, the majority, 47%, would never want Hope to fall for Thomas, while 29% liked the idea, and another 15% would sign on down the road if he were to change. Anyway, as all of the week’s conversations either involved Thomas or were about him, it felt a bit like ‘The Thomas Show’, so I’m looking forward to the expansion of the canvas with Spencer Publications and related characters hopefully coming back into the mix.

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Well, Ridge hasn’t exactly been discouraging Shauna from sniffing around, and with Brooke keeping a significant secret, it finally proved to be a turning point in their marriage, and I expect nothing less than for Shauna to swoop in and ‘comfort’ him. Throughout this storyline I’ve often thought Taylor should be present, but I suppose if she were there Ridge would be turning to her, not Shauna, so that’s likely the reason for keeping her off canvas. As irritatingly plotty as the Ridge and Brooke estrangement has been, that fell by the wayside during the scenes in which Ridge told Brooke he didn’t see her the same way anymore and they were done. Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang did a remarkable job and every beat was played – Bold and Beautiful is so good with this type of drama. Even though I didn’t care if they stayed together or not, I was choked up watching the break-up of these two characters with so much history play out against the sorrowful background music.

With all that said, Ridge was kissing Shauna the very next day!

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