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Deconstructing B&B: Ridge and Quinn’s exposure ramps up Australia remote

March 20 - 24:

The Australia scenes saw the characters in scenic locales having fun and being romantic, but somehow it wasn’t quite as exciting as expected, especially in the first couple of days. Here’s hoping for the tension and drama to ramp up in week two as it did on Friday when Sally made a splash and Brooke got an eyeful. Thoughts:

Steffy’s surprise.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, the anticipation was building for Steffy and Liam’s wedding, and while it was a terrific locale, Steffy’s zipline surprise was corny fun (though her wedding outfit was a letdown), and it was a truly ‘feelgood’ wedding (loved her squeal when they were pronounced husband and wife), my attention drifted a bit during the speeches and vows. I think you get a bit numbed to that stuff when a show has so many weddings! For the record, Steffy and Liam’s motorcycle wedding is still my favorite, though the reception in Australia was definitely the most fun! Some fans were upset that something – or someone – important was missing from the special day:

Spectra speculation.
Sally’s flight to Australia with the comedy couple didn’t really float my boat. It seemed like the same thing we had seen with Quinn previously, and just wasn’t as funny the second time around. What did catch the interest was Sally’s moral dilemma as she struggled with her loyalties to her family and to Thomas, who is becoming more important to her by the minute. Sadly, her decision not to expose Steffy’s wedding online probably won’t count for much if they steal designs through Coco. Sally and Thomas will make an interesting – and hot – couple as long as they keep her a little more real as they have been recently and dial back the over the top stuff.

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History repeating?
Brooke chose to keep her head in the sand (hehe!) where Katie’s warnings about Ridge and Quinn were concerned, but joined Eric on the beach for some heartfelt reminiscing about their history in conjunction with B&B’s 30th anniversary. This gave viewers another look at some amazing flashbacks, while Ridge was once again drawn to Quinn. I like the twistiness of it all but don’t want to see Brooke marry the guy if he’s genuinely into Quinn.

Friday notes.
Well, things certainly picked up, what with Sally ending up in the drink (and how chivalrous of Thomas to join her!), Bill drinking his feelings, and Quinn declaring her love for Ridge. If that wasn’t enough, Brooke got an eyeful of Ridge’s response – a gripping Quinn by the back of the neck deep kiss! As soon as Ridge cleared out, Quinn turned to find Brooke right in her face. Love it. Can’t wait to see how this will play out. How will Ridge get himself out of this one with the wedding looming? Hmm.

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– Candace Young


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