Deconstructing B&B: Haunting Bold and Beautiful Exits We’d Like to Undo

October 25

Kimberlin Brown, Adrienne Frantz, Sean Kanan, Jacob Young Bold and Beautiful

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As Halloween approaches it seems the ideal time to look back on Bold and the Beautiful character exits that still haunt us, either because of the way they left the canvas, or just because we really would love to see them return. has highlighted several characters below, but be sure to vote in the poll and add your comments to tell us who you miss most.

Deacon Sharpe

Is it really possible that we haven’t seen the dastardly but dashing Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) since the summer of 2017 when he was hauled off to jail for shooting at Quinn (who by the way, threw him off a cliff prior to that but never wound up behind bars)?Deacon arrested Bold and Beautiful Deacon’s returns never fail to stir the pot, and with his 19 years of history on Bold and Beautiful, there are many ways to fit him into storylines. We definitely think Deacon should come back to meet his granddaughter, Beth, and let’s not forget he also has a son, Eric Jr., who is Hope’s half-brother and Beth’s uncle, who should be getting to know his family!

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Amber Moore

It’s been far too long since our favorite schemer Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) has been seen on Bold and Beautiful.Amber tearful goodbye Rick Bold and Beautiful Often her own worst enemy, Amber blew her last shot at love with Rick Forrester in 2012 by supplying his sister Hope with anti-anxiety pills she purchased online and by plotting to keep him and Caroline apart by making it look like he was a cross-dresser. Amber shares past history with numerous characters, has a daughter, Rosie, with Marcus Forrester (another character we miss along with his wife, Dayzee!) and a talent for design. As many viewers wish to see a return to the days of competing fashion houses, perhaps we could get all this soapy goodness back at once.

Rick Forrester

With Flo Fulton having been revealed as Storm’s daughter, the Logans are outnumbering the Forresters, and while we’d love to see any number of them return to Bold and Beautiful,Rick and Maya Bold and Beautiful Rick Forrester’s (Jacob Young) abrupt exile to Forrester International defied explanation and really left viewers bewildered, particularly as he split up with his wife, Maya, and stayed overseas leaving her to return with their daughter, Lizzie, alone. It just never made sense and still doesn’t sit well. Rick is also the logical character to throw several monkey wrenches into Thomas’ schemes, as per the pair’s history, and also to throw shade at Ridge for spending the night with Shauna behind Brooke’s back.

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Sheila Carter

You cannot talk about characters we miss on Bold and Beautiful without someone mentioning the name Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown),Ridge grabs Sheila Bold and Beautiful the soap opera’s premiere villainess. She’s so notorious we included her in our Young and Restless character exits that haunt us blog as well. Unfortunately, her last return to Bold and Beautiful in 2018, which started out with some promising evil plotting and violent clashes with the target of her affection, Eric Forrester’s, current wife Quinn, fizzled as she took a job at Il Giardino and faded into obscurity – certainly not Sheila’s style at all. Is she still toiling away across town and minding her own business? We’d love to know!

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