Deconstructing B&B: Enthusiasm Wanes for Predictable Plots and Abuse

September 23 - 27

Douglas and Thomas Bold and Beautiful

Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

I lost a little of my enthusiasm for The Bold and the Beautiful this week as I began to see how the storylines would return to focusing on Flo, Shauna, and Thomas moving forward, and it seems too easy to guess the direction the plots are going. Thomas verbally harassing his son elicits feeling from viewers, but is something I just don’t want to watch.

Ring a bell?

I love Sally but was genuinely disappointed that she didn’t turn down Wyatt’s proposal as she had been so smart and cautious up to that point. We all know he’s rebounding the exact same way he did when he went running to Flo after they split up. Even though he can’t see forgiving Flo or being able to be with her again after what she did, little does he know her redemption is almost certainly afoot. Factor in Quinn’s meddling (which already seemed exhausting to me) and it’s a recipe for Sally to get her heart broken. It’s pretty easy to see the writing on the wall, which makes it less interesting to watch play out.

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Match game

The last Deconstructing B&B, sensed a soap trope coming with Katie’s illness, and lo and behold, she needs a kidney transplant. I’m guessing Flo’s will be the only kidney in all of Los Angeles that will be a match. Again, taking nothing away from the performances surrounding the situation, it feels very predictable.

Monsters Inc.

Thomas coming back on the scene having learned exactly nothing despite nearly dying and having an emotional breakdown in the hospital, just made me feel tired. How dumb is Ridge to want to integrate him back into their lives without intensive therapy as a condition? Talking to Taylor clearly isn’t having much effect, as he was back to berating Douglas, which I find so disheartening to watch, and blaming everyone but himself for his current situation. Matthew Atkinson continues to do a fantastic job of playing this shifty version of the character, and the showdown with Brooke was next level, but I’m not feeling a return to ‘The Thomas Show’.

In other Ridge-related commentary, his drink-y night at Bikini Bar seems to have created another monster as Shauna is now obsessing over him…and we all know where that’s headed. It seems inevitable she’ll get between him and Brooke. Let’s hope it plays out with all the soapy goodness, as once again, the outcome seems obvious.

These are my opinions on the show. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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