Deconstructing B&B: Obvious Soap Trope and Redemption Seem Inevitable

September 16 - 20

Katie ill Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful had my attention with Ridge’s drunken escapade but everything quickly came to center too much on Shauna and Flo again for my taste. Katie not feeling well seems to be heading us into a well-used soap trope, and there’s trouble ahead for a few characters.


The Bold and the Beautiful had me rolling my eyes at Katie and Bill’s timely declaration that Flo could never, ever be redeemed right before Katie suddenly started feeling ill. What are the odds whatever is wrong with her will provide Flo with an opportunity to do the seemingly impossible and redeem herself? Eep, such an obvious soap opera trope. In this case I like it even less because the idea of Flo becoming a permanent fixture doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not into her, Wyatt, and Sally as the latest dreaded triangle – the outcome is too predictable, so it’s already boring, and there have been too many days in recent months where Bold and Beautiful has felt like the Flo and Shauna show. I’ve said it a million times, but I’d rather see characters like Amber, Felicia, Marcus, Deacon, etc. brought back and used in storylines. In any case, I know there will be a ton of brilliant scenes of Heather Tom emoting with Katie facing a crisis, and I’m totally here for that. Fans speculated:

Scheme queens

The last Deconstructing B&B, predicted future trouble and Brooke and Ridge seem to be on a fast-track to separation despite the recent thaw in relations. With Ridge hiding the fact he spent the night with Shauna, Shauna fantasizing about their future together, and Thomas about to be released, it’s inevitable that trouble is ahead in one form or another. There’s not much drama in Shauna getting together with Ridge; I’d have rather seen her decide she wanted Quinn’s life and go after Eric. Come to think of it, I’m still waiting on Donna and Eric! In related, Shauna approached her old friend Quinn to help Flo get Wyatt back, so meddling in Wyatt’s love life seems inevitable as well. I’d love to be surprised by him standing his ground but given how easily he was sucked into Flo’s walk down memory lane, and his kneejerk proposal to Sally, he’s probably going to be as wishy-washy as ever and easily fooled by whatever scheme Quinn cooks up. Meh.

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