Deconstructing B&B: Love the Confrontations, but Ready for New Stories

September 2 - 6

Bill confronts Thomas Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful continued to address fallout from the baby secret and Thomas’ fall, and while the acting has been magnificent and the confrontations extremely satisfying (and there are a few more I’m hoping to see), I’m truly ready to see other unrelated storylines coming into play, especially while we’re still contending with Flo and Thomas onscreen every day.

On the rocks

Thomas woke up and immediately began manipulating again as he not-so-subtly let Hope know that he’d let her mother off the hook to win points with her. His remorse seemed it could have been genuine until then; kudos to Matthew Atkinson for his skills in making viewers question it. That said, it was pretty remarkable that he woke up at all:

As Thomas pushed to be released from the hospital, the focus turned to his role in Emma’s death. When Ridge wasn’t amused at Thomas’ attempt to laugh off Detective Sanchez’s line of questioning as a ‘joke’, Thomas quickly realized his mistake and switched gears into emotionally manipulating his father and playing on his sympathies (or was he?). While I’d be all for Ridge keeping Thomas out of jail if he’d check him into a mental health facility, I doubt that will happen. Meanwhile, Thomas’ impending release raised the issue of where he’s to live – I can’t imagine Brooke allowing him to move back to her place, particularly if it means Hope, Liam and the baby will move away. Of course, Ridge will expect it. I don’t know if I see their marriage surviving this. Regarding the scene with Liam joining the Logan women, and wanting to work with Brooke, this made me laugh:

Lashing out

In the last Deconstructing B&B, it was a relief to see more characters back on canvas, and that continued even if the likes of Donna and Katie weren’t doing much. Bill got to have his say with Thomas, a deliciously satisfying few scenes, even though we all know Bill doesn’t have room to judge others. Bill put Ridge, who had a surprisingly vulnerable moment with his nemesis, on notice too. Ridge, of course, was fresh off his visit to Flo, in which he lashed out at her in much the same way that Bill did Thomas. Ridge getting choked up trying to impress upon Flo how much pain she had caused was moving.

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In other fallout, Wyatt worked hard to get back with Sally because he obviously can’t stand to be single for even a minute. Sally clearly wants to be with him, but I hope she remains on her guard as I can easily imagine Wyatt becoming torn if Flo manages to get out of jail and keeps up the victim routine. It makes you wish there were more men on canvas for Sally.

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