Deconstructing B&B: Sweet Relief As Douglas Tells the Truth About Beth

July 29 - August 2

Douglas tells the truth Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful viewers were hailing young Douglas Forrester as a hero after he finally proved to be the one with the backbone to stand up and bravely tell the truth about Baby Beth (thanks, Caroline for raising the boy right!) when numerous adults chose not to, which swiftly brought the sweet relief of Liam putting the pieces together. Most importantly, this brought about the beginning of the end of a storyline that has dominated the canvas for months as the sole plot, full of repetitive dialogue and nonsensical scenarios, taken to the point where viewers just wanted it to end so they could see something, anything, else. The powers that be at Bold and Beautiful are masterful at huge, emotional reveals, and this will be no exception, however the wait was too long in this case, particularly with no other stories to watch.

Dirty deeds

The last Deconstructing B&B, looked back on Thomas’ dark past in which there were definitely some red flags for his current behavior, especially in his conflicts with Rick, thus making his absence from the canvas particularly annoying – it would have been fitting to have Rick involved, from Caroline’s death to Thomas pursuing his sister. With Thomas threatening people’s lives, abusing his son, drugging people, and all but forcing himself on his new wife, it hasn’t been a good look and it’s left me wondering how they’ll redeem the character…will he have a brain tumor or simply insist nothing he did was all that bad until it blows over?

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A stunning realization

Things started to move fast once Douglas uttered the words, “Baby Beth is alive,” and it coincided with Flo finding out about Thomas’ past and deciding for the millionth time that she just couldn’t keep the secret any longer. I don’t feel for her at all, nor am I down with Thomas shouldering all the blame, when she was keeping this secret from Hope and everyone else before Thomas ever arrived back in town.

I was glad Flo didn’t get to unburden herself before Liam put the pieces together with the help of Douglas, who elected to tell the truth immediately. It was a nice twist to have the secret exposed by Thomas’ son as well. The scenes after Liam received the call from the doctor in Vegas, when he finally believed Phoebe was Beth, were well done with the slow motion and Liam’s heartwrenching reaction, but it’s Hope and Beth’s reunion that will bring the most emotion for a multitude of reasons. And with that reconnection will come the need to sever Steffy’s ties to the baby she loves as her own…stock up on Kleenex! Here’s hoping all of those who made the decision day in and day out to keep this secret get what’s coming to them as it’s as big a part of the payoff as Hope getting her baby back. Notably, in a recent poll, 51% of readers polled think Flo should leave Los Angeles once her role in the deception is exposed.

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