Deconstructing B&B: 25 Things to Know About Thomas Forrester’s Past

July 26

Thomas Forrester through the years collage Bold and Beautiful

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In the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas Forrester advanced his agenda on Bold and Beautiful, and with his overtly manipulative and threatening behavior, and other characters bringing up his past issues, thought it would be an ideal time to look back over details of Thomas’ history of bad behavior that viewers may not have known, or may have forgotten.


Thomas Hamilton Forrester was born in Thorne Forrester’s car on January 7, 1998.


Thomas was named after St. Thomas, the place that his father, Ridge Forrester, proposed to his mother, Taylor Hayes.


Sheila Carter threatened to kill Thomas as a baby, while trying to keep Stephanie Forrester away from her husband at the time, Dr. James Warwick.


Brooke Logan became Thomas’ stepmother after Taylor was believed to have been killed while tangling with Sheila.


Thomas Forrester became close with Bridget Forrester, and was so upset when he found out Brooke had an affair with Bridget’s husband, Deacon Sharpe, that he drank an entire bottle of vodka and ended up in the hospital.


When Rick Forrester won the heart of Thomas’ high school girlfriend, Caitlin Ramirez, Thomas took up with Rick’s ex-wife, Amber Moore. Ridge got a restraining order to keep Amber away from his son. Thomas eventually ended up back with Caitlin.


Thomas Forrester and Gabriela Moreno forged a friendship upon discovering they had both lost their mothers. Taylor turned up alive, and Thomas left Caitlin for Gabriela, and married her because she was living in the U.S. illegally.


Thomas Forrester designed for Spectra Couture after being denied an internship at Forrester Creations. Ridge challenged him to a teen fashion showdown, which Thomas lost. As a result, he had to annul his marriage to Gabriela, who was able to stay in the country.


After Thomas’ sister Phoebe died while confronting Rick Forrester over his dalliances with family members Taylor and Steffy, Thomas plotted to scare Rick away from dating Steffy by setting his house on fire and blowing up his car.

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Thomas received counseling from Dr. James Warwick after committing the violent offences, but later participated in a scheme to keep Taylor and Ridge’s marriage plans on track by faking texts from Brooke to Ridge.


When Bill Spencer Jr. took control of Forrester Creations, Thomas hatched an idea for Steffy to seduce him in a bid to get the company back.


Thomas Forrester turned against Steffy when she tried to blackmail Brooke, as he had developed a crush on his stepmother. Thomas kissed Brooke on the runway to garner publicity for their line, Taboo, and even kissed her when she was sleeping.


Thomas Forrester and Brooke Logan were stranded together on a desert island after a plane crash and ate berries that made them hallucinate having sex. After their rescue, Thomas realized they hadn’t had sex, but claimed they had when his grandmother, Stephanie Forrester, offered him her 25% of Forrester in return for lying. Thomas eventually told the truth.


When Thomas started falling for Brooke’s daughter, Hope Logan, he took her to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, not realizing Steffy and her husband, Liam Spencer, Hope’s ex-fiance, were also there. Thomas plotted with Steffy to keep Liam and Hope from seeing one another, and Thomas proposed to Hope, who turned him down. It all ended badly after Steffy and Thomas conspired to get Hope drunk on margaritas, Steffy was injured in an ATV chase, and Liam kissed Hope.


Thomas Forrester found himself competing with Rick again when Caroline Spencer arrived in town and they both fell for her.


Thomas and Caroline worked together to clear Marcus Forrester’s name when he believed he’d run over Dayzee’s friend, Anthony, with his car.


After Thomas Forrester became interim CEO of Forrester Creations he and Rick had further conflict and Rick crashed through a window and fell from two stories up while they were fighting. Caroline dumped Thomas as a result.


When Stephanie passed away from lung cancer, she left her Forrester Creations shares to Eric Forrester, who had Thomas and Rick compete in a fashion showdown to decide who would become president. Thomas lost.

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Thomas Forrester moved to Paris to work at Forrester International with Thorne for a time, but returned for Aly Forrester’s memorial. While in town, Thomas comforted Caroline, who was heartbroken over his father, Ridge, leaving her. Thomas made love with Caroline, who had mixed anti-anxiety pills and wine, and was later upset to learn what had conspired between them.


Thomas punched his father, Ridge, who took him to task for crossing lines with Forrester Creations employees, and was once again sent to the Paris office.


Thomas Forrester bet Steffy he could get Wyatt Spencer’s girlfriend, Ivy Forrester, to have sex with him, and kissed her. After Steffy told Wyatt about the kiss, Ivy confronted her and wound up getting electrocuted.


Thomas Forrester was told that Caroline’s baby, Douglas, was Ridge’s son, but eventually learned that Douglas was his and Ridge had hidden the truth. Thomas took the boy to the cabin in Big Bear, where he told Caroline he would allow Ridge to raise him so as to avoid a scandal, however, he later changed his mind. Caroline soon moved to New York with Douglas.


Thomas joined Caroline and Douglas in New York after dating Sasha Thompson, but it didn’t work out so he returned to Los Angeles, where he fell for Sally Spectra.


Thomas broke up with Sally to go and be with Caroline and Douglas after Bill tricked him into believing Caroline was dying. After Thomas learned the truth, he was accused of shooting Bill, then returned to New York with Sally, who later returned angry and bitter that Thomas had chosen Caroline again.


Thomas Forrester returned from New York with Douglas to report that Caroline had died suddenly from a blood clot and immediately began a campaign to reunite with Hope and to make her into Douglas’ new mommy, that included drugging Liam. Thomas married Hope while keeping the secret of her infant daughter being alive, and threatened those who knew the truth to keep quiet.

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