Deconstructing B&B: How Will the Secret of Baby Beth Be Revealed?

June 28

Hope, Thomas, Zoe, Flo, Xander, Steffy, Beth, baby secret on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful has kept the truth about Baby Beth hidden for months now, with new characters learning the secret and twists (some dark) that keep them from spilling the beans. Bradley Bell teased the Baby Beth storyline will peak this summer, which led me to speculate how this might play out.  

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas had no hope for the future considering how dark his role has become and regardless of how the secret finally comes out, it will be a long time before the character could be redeemed. This is Bold and Beautiful, however, and characters’ personalities turn on a dime, so it’s not impossible. A little time in a therapeutic environment ought to do it. Given there have been teases about another tragedy, even another death before the storyline resolves, he could meet a tragic end and spill the truth to Hope with his dying breath or he could cause another death (or near death) and crack. Regardless if Thomas is the one to reveal the secret, I don’t see a fate for him other than being killed off or going away for a while.

It could be someone other than Thomas who eventually tells the truth. For the life of me, I don’t understand Xander continuing to be silent at this point. He’s convinced he can keep Zoe out of jail and doesn’t seem cowed by Thomas’ threats against his job, yet he still keeps mum…well, unless you count the endless loud conversations stating ‘Beth is alive’ held at Forrester Creations and the Forrester mansion where anyone (like poor Emma) can overhear. Crazy! Xander, Zoe, Flo or even Shauna could confess that Beth is Phoebe under any number of scenarios. Imagine if one of them were to meet a tragic fate, were able to gasp out the secret to Hope on their death bed…and she didn’t believe them. Or Hope believes it, shares the news with her family, and they commit her, thinking she’s become overly attached to Phoebe and has lost her marbles.

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Of course, it may not be any of the people who currently know the secret who finally come clean – someone new may find out and expose everything. Or in an ‘easy out’ scenario for the guilty bunch, Dr. Buckingham could learn the secret is ruining his daughter’s life and come back and take full responsibility, then go off to jail. Given how Zoe and Flo are being not-so-subtly portrayed as victims in all of this, it’s possible.

The other question is whether or not Thomas will be able to get Hope to the altar before she learns the truth. It could all come out as they’re about to say, “I do,” which would be classic soap opera. Remember when Liam found out Steffy was pregnant as he was about to marry Hope? That brings us to the fallout for the Hope, Liam and Steffy triangle. Once Beth/Phoebe is handed over to Hope, will Liam go back to make a family with them? There’s no option here where Liam’s not torn, as Steffy will be devastated and he’ll also want to be there for her as well. Maybe Hope will ‘choose herself’ this time and decide to parent Beth (and Douglas?) on her own. Anything could happen!

In a nutshell, I envision another tragedy of some sort leading to the reveal and while the storyline has been a nightmare of repetitive dialogue and nonsensical scenarios designed to drag the secret on, there is no denying the fallout will be dramatic and far-reaching. How do you think the baby reveal will come about?

This column is only one reporter’s opinion. I’d love to read your own thoughts in the comment section.


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