Deconstructing B&B: Baby Secret Gets More Surreal, Makes Less Sense

June 10 - 14

Zoe Xander Flo debate Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful teased that Thomas might spill the beans before choosing to keep the baby secret going a while longer. The repetitive conversations and phrases are killing me. Thoughts:

Make it make sense

In the last Deconstructing B&B, frustration mounted about the baby secret dragging on, as well as the one-note reasons behind the characters doing what they were doing. This week’s installation featured Thomas reacting to the realization that Phoebe is Beth. Kudos to Matthew Atkinson, who ran a gamut of emotions, at times only with facial expressions. Anyway, Thomas burned a path to Steffy’s door to tell her the life-changing news, only to change his mind at the last minute when he saw the potential for Liam and Steffy to reunite, leaving Hope free for him (and Douglas of course). If we drank every time Thomas pointed out his son needs a mother, or Hope stated that her and Liam’s dream died with Beth that night on Catalina, we’d have been soused every afternoon. What’s really galling is the entire group of people now keeping this secret. Every one of them claims to care about Hope, even love her, but literally no one will tell her that her baby is alive. So on we plod, with Liam moving in, Steffy getting her hopes up (and getting more attached to Phoebe by the day, as Xander keeps reminding everyone), and Hope, who last week told Thomas she would never love any man except Liam, inexplicably announcing she and Thomas could take it ‘day by day’. None of these characters’ actions make any sense at this point. Fans expressed their exasperation on Twitter:

Endless summer

Xander, Flo, and Zoe continued their endless debating about the baby secret and this time Wyatt walked in and heard them talking about Beth. They easily covered, but he’ll probably recall this at a later date and realize how many of them knew. I expect the debating will continue at Forrester Creations as we move forward since they don’t seem able to shut up about it, or agree, and I predict someone else will find out, as Emma the intern returns to Bold and Beautiful. Given Emma was practically obsessed with Hope and she’s a do-gooder, she’d be thoroughly disgusted, and God only knows what they’ll have to do to keep her quiet if that’s the case.

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