Deconstructing B&B: Baby Storyline Drags On and Becomes More Absurd

May 27 - 31

Hope Liam celebrate end marriage Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful baby secret storyline dragged on and became more absurd, as yet another person learned the secret before Hope. In the last Deconstructing B&B, we remembered when Baby Steffy was believed dead. Thoughts:

Weird, creepy, and bizarre

As Hope’s world turned, we continued on with the ridiculous premise that she would give the man she loves up in order to be a mother to a boy in the family who had lost his – like she couldn’t do that while being with Liam and Liam couldn’t be a father to Steffy’s girls while married to Hope. Thomas’ scary one-track mind was still a thing, and he kissed Hope again. If the goal was to make him into a total creeper it’s been accomplished. Liam wrung his hands whilst everyone else decided his life and finally accepted the inevitable by bizarrely planning a ‘dignified end’ to his marriage, and Brooke had the expected response to Hope wanting to hand such a hard-fought prize – her husband – back over to Steffy. Brooke storming into the office at Forrester Creation and expressing outrage over the situation given her own history was hysterical and probably the most entertaining nugget in the whole draining mess:

Beth is alive

Finally, after a thousand not-so-hushed conversations in different venues about ‘the baby secret’, Flo and Zoe were overheard by someone. Xander is the latest person to know Phoebe is Beth, and the only question I had after watching is what will the writers come up with as a means to justify him not immediately telling Hope and Liam despite how horrified he was? Will Zoe convince him to keep mum so she won’t get in trouble with the law, or will he have an accident and end up in a convenient coma?

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous

How nice that Quinn, Eric and Shauna all left the Forrester mansion at the same time so Wyatt and Flo could revel in the lifestyle of the rich and famous together. Never mind that he has a beach house… Anyway, the pair reconnected in bed while Wyatt intermittently commented on how honest Flo has always been – too funny. While the scenes were hot enough and there was an appreciable attempt at humor with Wyatt’s ‘dad’ style one-liners, I’m still not feeling this pairing. I wish I was, as it would nicely complicate things when the truth comes out, but at this point, I’ll just be glad to see Flo go away and Wyatt get shot down when he tries to run back to Sally.

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