Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt Is Hypocrite of the Week in Contrived Split

May 6 - 10

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The newest development on Bold and the Beautiful this week was Sally and Wyatt’s break up, which was another plot-driven happening that didn’t make any sense for the characters. Liam also found out about Thomas’ plot to steal away his wife in a storyline that only got more contrived. The rest was wash, rinse, repeat, whether it was Brooke and Ridge disagreeing about their kids or Flo feeling guilty. Thoughts:

Twisting history

Thomas’s obsession with Hope, when he hadn’t interacted with her in years, still just feels like utter bunk, and this week we were asked to believe that Thomas talked to Caroline about Hope, and Caroline wanted Hope – her cousin’s wife – to step in if anything ever happened to her. How far out can you get, especially when her blood clot came as a complete surprise, and Thomas was in love with Sally last we knew? It is what it is, however, and Thomas is clearly going one-note psycho in this story as he didn’t even flinch when Liam confronted him about his plot, but merely reiterated his vision of how things ‘should’ be. Eek.

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Hypocrite of the week

Wyatt and Sally became a casualty of ‘The Flo Show’ in an eye-rolling plot-driven development that saw Sally move out of the beach house because ‘Wyatt’s mother may have been right about her’. Wyatt hadn’t even asked her to go, nor did he break up with her, and worse, he let her walk out amid his outrage at her audacity in keeping something from him (which also didn’t make any sense) without copping to the fact that while suspecting her of canoodling with Thomas, he was actually kissing Flo. This conveniently enables Wyatt and Flo’s quickie reunion before her secret’s exposed. If Wyatt was this upset about Sally keeping a conversation from him, he’d better be apoplectic at Flo withholding an entire baby from his brother!

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Guilty as charged

In the last Deconstructing B&B, the dialogue was repetitive to a headache-inducing degree in the baby secret storyline and there was no let up as ‘The Powers That Be’ continued to pound us over the head with Flo looking and feeling guilty. It’s problematic because it’s not eliciting sympathy and because nothing changes. Fans expressed frustration with Bold and Beautiful:

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