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Deconstructing B&B: Ridge and Quinn’s risky act fuels fan speculation

February 27 – March 3:

It’s always preferable to see a variety of characters on “B&B.” This week, the Spectras plotted to infiltrate Forrester, Ridge and Quinn dealt with their seemingly irresistible attraction, and Brooke visited her former flame. Thoughts:

Forrester funny business.
The week kicked off with a cozy, cooing Zende and Nicole returning from their honeymoon, and Liam and Steffy announcing their destination wedding in Australia. Bill made a surprise appearance at the family meeting, and rather boldly warned Brooke again that Ridge would disappoint her as he always does…this time right in front of him. Gotta’ love that Dollar Bill! Considering that Ridge basically humiliated Brooke by rather abruptly shooting down the idea of a double-wedding, I’d say he will be proven correct in time. Simultaneously, Thomas and RJ were interviewing potential new interns. I felt that RJ should probably be an intern, not be interviewing them, but it is what it is. This set the scene for the kid to get a love interest in the form of Coco Spectra. While this could be somewhat cute in a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ sort of way, RJ’s appeal has so far been limited by his whiny pre-occupation with his parents’ relationship. Hiring Coco also set the scene for Spectra to spy on Forrester, which will put Thomas in a real jam both professionally and personally as he talked Rick into it. Juicy.

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Playing with fire.
The next big talking point was Ridge and Quinn getting stuck in the powder room together and electing to make out rather than phone out for help. Of course, as noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Ridge and Quinn are indulging in increasingly risky behavior, and there was a ton of foreshadow-y dialogue about their ‘new understanding’ and such from the other characters, even as Charlie, having caught Quinn wiping Ridge’s mouth with a napkin, came to the conclusion they were conducting an affair. Pam’s scandalized reaction to his dramatic confidence about his suspicions just cracked me up. Love these two! The latest clinch between Ridge and Quinn drew various reactions from fans on Twitter:

Birthday boy.
In a fun twist, Bill hired Emmy (The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood) to work at Spencer Publications and she hilariously made her first gaffe early on by gushing her congratulations to Brooke on her engagement to Ridge Forrester in front of Bill. Oops! Hehe. Brooke, of course, had dropped by to gift Bill with a replica hot air balloon full of dollar bills for his birthday. So sweet, and also a bit of an indication, I’d say, that she may not be as ‘over’ her feelings for Bill as she claims to be. This was a nice change of pace from the repetitive conversation they’ve been having for months, and certainly did more to generate some anticipation for how this particular love triangle might play out this time.

Friday notes.
Bill’s gasp-worthy gift to Brooke (his sword necklace) was a continuation of what we saw the previous day – more depth in their scenes and relationship. Most likely this is to set the mood for Brooke to run back into his arms when Ridge’s deceit is revealed, as the only twist I can imagine is if she realizes she loves Bill more and dumps Ridge beforehand in a surprise move. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn had another session of examining their motives and vowing that nothing else would happen between them…yep, we’ve heard it all before.

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– Candace Young


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