Deconstructing B&B: Repetitive Dialogue and Stalled Stories Fall Flat

April 29 - May 3

Flo Shauna Hope at Forrester on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful wasn’t any more entertaining this week than last. The dialogue and themes are repetitious (Flo feels guilty, Zoe wants Flo gone, Hope feels connected to Phoebe, Shauna wants Flo to take her place as a Logan etc.), and the happenings are often plot-driven and don’t make a lot of sense. Thoughts:


In the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas earned creeper status and there was no change from that as he convinced Hope to move into the main house using Douglas as a lure, and on Friday schemed to manipulate her feelings before kissing her and outlining his future vision for them. He also held a weird conversation with Sally at Forrester Creations where he insulted her and apologized in the same breath, then smoothly lied to Wyatt when he entered the office. This Thomas seems pretty offside compared to his last, more adult, incarnation, and there’s certainly not much rooting value…though maybe there’s not supposed to be considering how Brad Bell’s writing him.

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Round and round

‘The Flo Show’ continued with repetitious dialogue galore as she and Zoe debated the same old lines as to why the secret should or should not be kept, and Shauna harped on her mantra about Flo taking her place as a Logan. At Forrester Creations, Hope explained she now understands her connection to Phoebe over and over. Flo reluctantly entered into a pact with Shauna and Zoe, before taking her mother over to Forrester to discuss Hope’s job offer. The over the top scenes that followed with all of them fussing over Flo being a Logan, Shauna speaking for her daughter, and Hope insisting she didn’t want Flo to feel pressured while pressuring her, were headache-inducing. Fans reacted:

In the midst of that, we had Wyatt kissing Flo behind Sally’s back and Sally hiding Thomas’ plot from Wyatt in a plot-driven move that made absolutely no sense. I don’t feel much sizzle with Flo and Wyatt, and even considering her overwhelming guilt I’ve no sympathy for her because she continues to participate in the cover-up.

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Proposal pause

I’m interested to see where this stuff with Bill and Shauna is going. You know it’s not going to stop at one meeting witnessed by Katie. Also, what will Katie’s next move be?

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