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Deconstructing B&B: Speculation Spikes As Pregnant Hope Travels Solo

December 24 - 28

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There were plenty of heartwarming moments throughout the B&B holiday episodes, of course there was also lots of that infamous B&B ‘convenient amnesia’ and foreshadowing too. Thoughts:

Christmas blessings?

Christmas was a heartwarming affair at Eric’s as always, but there was some conflict beforehand – Hope determining that Taylor shouldn’t be there was odd, as was the fact that no one asked why Taylor hadn’t joined them. I kept expecting Eric to say something but it was just glossed over completely. Everyone was all smiles at the festive dinner, which was also Kelly’s first Christmas, and went around the room to say or ‘think’ why they felt blessed. Pam felt blessed to have her ‘partner in crime’, Donna, back – that little history revision raised my eyebrows a tad. Anyway, for me, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Eric playing the piano and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas…love the tradition.

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Pay up

The emerging details surrounding Reese’s gambling addiction, his past history with women, and the revelation that he owes a ton of money and is currently in a desperate position with the goon threatening his daughter spells trouble. His interest in ‘loaded grandmother’ Taylor is obviously going to be a tie-in, and given that Zoe worries incessantly about her father ‘messing things up for her’ or ‘doing something foolish’ that will land him in hot water, it’s safe to say that’s exactly what will happen!

Bad vibes

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Rick and Maya’s offscreen split made no sense and it also struck me as strange that Liam and Hope would want to name their baby Elizabeth when Rick and Maya had already paid tribute to Brooke’s mom in that way. Then I realized there was also a Liam and Will (both derivatives of William), and that the idea of the cousins sharing a special bond over their name was pretty sweet. The ‘Beth’ announcement was made at Christmas, and soon after, Hope made plans for a babymoon. Some observed that Hope was pretty far along to be flying, and it’s true, but it’s a soap, so not surprisingly, the very pregnant woman ended up traveling to an island alone, which wasn’t good from a foreshadowing standpoint, and went into labor. I definitely was getting the sense that with Liam being separated from Hope something bad would happen. Fans speculated on what will come next:

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