Deconstructing B&B: The Ridge, Brooke, Bill Triangle Is Hard to Watch

November 12 - 16

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I’m Lori and I’m filling in for Candace this week with a focus on Bill’s latest actions. While I find Ridge and Bill slinging insults at each other highly entertaining, I am having huge problems with Bill as a character. Especially, as teased in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, Brooke could end up back with Bill. Here are my thoughts:


Brooke should absolutely voice her opinion when Ridge crosses the line as he did in Will’s custody case, but, with Bill sniffing around, that difference of opinion usually means she’ll be in his arms by Christmas. Probably engaged and married to him by the New Year. There’s so much bouncing around on B&B that it’s hard to be confident in any couple. Ridge and Brooke have been through it all over the decades—the highs, the lows, the ridiculous—it’s time they settled in solidarity for a long stretch without fear the slightest hiccup will send Brooke back to Bill, or Ridge back to his father’s wife Quinn or his other longtime ex Taylor, now that Hunter Tylo is returning to B&B again. Fans should be allowed to have confidence in them for longer than it takes to get to their most recent anniversary.

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Cartoonish villainy

Bill had a lot of great one-liners this week, especially at Ridge’s expense. Justin and Ken (who, by the way, should stick around) have been a hoot as well in this storyline, but there’s so much mustache twirling going on it’s hard to take seriously, even on a campy soap like B&B. Bill and Justin listening in to Ridge and McMullen in the most conspicuous manner with their enormous listening devices and then peeling out upon getting caught was laughable. Then there’s dialogue like Justin declaring Brooke will finally be Bill’s. (Muah, ha ha!) Really, Justin? Finally? Bill’s been interested in Brooke again for all of five minutes. And be his? That’s not romance. Or even interesting. It’s gross.

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Redemption for Bill?

No woman on the current canvas should look at Bill. The Steffy debacle sealed it. Brooke being sympathetic to him while he declares she is now his raison d’être is uncomfortable at best. They should bring on a new woman who he hasn’t slept with already and who is not related to a Forrester or Logan. He needs to keep his edges and snark, but having someone unfamiliar with his history learn to love him for who he is might soften him and make me want to root for him again. Or, going the other way, he could benefit from a woman who fully indulges his dark side so I can love to hate him again. Because right now there is no rooting value. In the absence of a new character, Quinn is the only one on the canvas I’d believe with Bill. Of course, she might have to embrace her crazy again, but the two of them wreaking havoc together could be fun to watch.

This is just my opinion. Share yours in the comments below!


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