Deconstructing B&B: Fans geared up for new Spectra vs Forrester rivalry

January 30 - February 3


The week kicked off with Katie questioning Ridge and Quinn’s new closeness, and a few others became suspicious after Ridge’s promotion. The news brought a new wave of discontent from the likes of Thomas, a development that was timed to coincide with the surprise return of the Spectra family. Hmm. Thoughts:

Suspicious minds.
Ridge and Quinn’s ‘secret’ continued to loom and their magnetic attraction, not to mention Ridge’s enthusiasm about being appointed as co-CEO, made them a bit careless. Katie caught Ridge spinning Quinn around in his arms, and they continued to exchange intense glances – Quinn even looked jealous of Ridge touching Brooke at the board meeting. This, along with everyone begin suspicious of their new appreciation for one another, means it won’t be long until something gives…and we can’t wait.

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Spectra surprise.
Brad Bell pulled off a whopper of a surprise when a redhead casually chatted up a disgruntled Thomas, only to be revealed as Sally Spectra when paying her tab. Loved it! It turned out that she was the grandniece of the grand dame herself, and that she was charged with the considerable task of reviving Spectra Fashions. In the last Deconstructing B&B, we wished for the emergence of a new fashion house rival for Forrester Creations, so this was exciting news. Of course, there were grumblings about the new Spectra gang having the same names, and about the curious history rewrite of young Sally’s existence in original Sally’s life. Also, some weren’t fans of the phone call with the ‘fake’ Sally in the tropics, and it seems odd that the original Sally is on tenterhooks about her legacy being saved, but doesn’t appear to be funding the undertaking. A few are also worried about repeats of old plots being in the works, what with Thomas being fed up with Forrester and such. All things considered, this is a very positive development; the flashbacks of Sally’s heydays were amazingly bittersweet to watch, everyone was thrilled to have CJ back, the casting for the new gang seems to be spot on, and the prospect of a broader canvas and some comic relief is definitely something to look forward to! Fans reacted to the Spectra revival:

Friday notes.
It looks like Bill’s predictions of Ridge ‘screwing up’ might be fast-tracked thanks to Brooke overhearing that Quinn and Ridge are sharing a secret…and did Bill really use the ‘D’ word? “Our destiny.” Hehe. More likely, though, is that they’ll have Ridge feed Brooke some line of malarkey – the secret is…we’re planning a surprise birthday party for Eric – or something, and it will drag on a bit longer. In the other office at Forrester, Rick and Thomas brooded over not being considered for the CEO position. I can see Maya and Rick being irked, as he held the position previously and did well with it, but I’ve yet to figure out exactly why Thomas should be a shoo-in. Later, Thomas ran into Sally again, and learned she was in fact, a Spectra. Fresh off hiring her Saul (who I loved!), she was full of attitude and challenge as she asked Thomas if he had a problem with that. The beginnings of…something, that’s for sure!

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– Candace Young


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