Deconstructing B&B: Turbulent, raw emotion of Quinn and Ridge wows fans

January 16 - 19


There was a welcome shift in the energy of the dreaded triangle, and the Ridge/Quinn scenes in San Francisco were epic. Thomas gave a little more insight into his relationship with Caroline, who has yet to materialize with Douglas ( learned that Linsey Godfrey is filming a new series, Living With the Dead), but as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, we are still noticing the ongoing absence of the Avant family. Thoughts:

Straight talk.
The week began with the unexpected and refreshing development of Katie bluntly telling Wyatt how it is where his marriage is concerned. It was interesting that Eric didn’t have more to say considering how obsessed he’s become with reuniting Steffy and Wyatt. In any case, the reality check was most welcome. Similarly, Liam finally getting fed up with the situation and putting it all on the table with Steffy was a nice nod to fans who have just had enough of the triangle dragging on.

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I won’t let you take that away.
The big story, again, was the twisty Quinn and Ridge relationship, which had viewers riveted and took them on quite a ride. The psychological game-playing was still evident as they shared the spotlight at the symposium and shared tequila afterward, but when Quinn realized he had planned it so they would be sharing a room…whoa! There is nothing like Quinn cornered and lashing out! Whether it was the alcohol or her inner struggle of late where Ridge is concerned, or a combination of both, Quinn became emotional. As she poured out her story, we not only felt her pain, but we began to see Ridge struggle to hold onto the hatred; a battle he utterly lost. We felt wrung out by the time they shared a kiss, and on tenterhooks to see what would happen when they got back home. Amazing. Viewers reacted in tweets:

Thursday notes.
Even Steffy was looking at Wyatt like he was pathetic as he pushed wine and desperate talk on her at the beach house. It wasn’t cute. Just stop! Elsewhere, Ridge and Quinn have entered that twilight zone on “B&B,” where you flash to the same memory a zillion times a day/week until the secret breaks wide open. Here’s hoping the ride will continue to be intriguing and sexy, and not dragged out to the point where it loses appeal.

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– Candace Young


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