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Deconstructing B&B: Brooke’s decision, Quinn’s plan shapes new stories

November 28 – December 2:

The focus was firmly back on love triangles, and it kind of felt ‘same ol’ same ol’’ after the show had mixed things up with the fashion show and Thanksgiving gathering. By week’s end, the look of upcoming storylines became evident with Brooke’s family reuniting, Wyatt being urged to fight for Steffy, and Quinn hatching a new plot. Thoughts:

Straight talk.
Many were cheering Nicole when she turned down Zende’s rather panicked marriage proposal and told him she’d never be able to trust him again. The best line was Nicole pointing out that she would never have done to him what he did to her, which truly got to the heart of the issue. Though Nicole will probably cave, they’ll always have trust issues…bottom line. Speaking of which, Nicole also had it out with Sasha and, again, it was refreshing when she told her to stop blaming her inappropriate behavior on Julius – this was on her! Sasha let Nicole know that she considered Zende fair game and went off to try to convince the sad sack to move on. As is the case with Wyatt, I don’t understand characters so desperate to get into a relationship with someone they know loves someone else. Help me out here!

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Decision 2016.
Bill’s confidence where Brooke was concerned was a sure sign their elopement wasn’t going to happen – Soap 101. Sure enough, after some fun scenes between Steffy and Bill that had some thinking she should switch Spencer men again, and Ridge’s grand gesture in the sand, which proved to be the proverbial ‘checkmate’, Brooke showed up in Bill’s office with a furrowed brow and a flowery speech about how much Bill had meant to her. Within an hour, Brooke was back over at Forrester making out with Ridge and being ‘his Logan’. I wasn’t overly invested in either outcome, so was surprised to feel a little disappointment. Not because Ridge and Brooke don’t share chemistry, they do, but perhaps because the supposedly stronger Brooke was actually behaving more fickle than ever – after months of insisting she was in love with Bill, she was lured back in by nostalgia and used the ‘children’ as her reasoning, which as noted in the last Deconstructing “B&B,” is a stretch considering Katie and Bill are already divorced and RJ’s nearly grown. Although it’s been a fairly low-key triangle, Brooke’s decision, as drawn out as it was, really had fans reacting.

Five minutes in the sun.
Liam and Steffy had their five minutes of happiness discussing the future and canoodling in swimsuits, but no doubt Wyatt will keep pushing to win her back, which is where the ‘dreaded’ in ‘dreaded triangle’ comes in. This formulaic writing always has viewers taking sides, but on it goes even when it doesn’t make sense for the characters involved.

Friday notes.
Indications were made that two love triangles that appear to be settled, will keep on keeping on – Bill won’t walk away from Brooke and Wyatt will continue to fight for Steffy. Ack. Quinn’s new plot, if it comes to fruition, would also put Steffy and Wyatt back into each other’s orbit at work, and that’s bound to cause issues for Liam. Nothing new to see here.

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– Candace Young


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