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Deconstructing B&B: Old shades of Quinn build holiday anticipation

November 14 - 18

The fashion show ended on a high note, but the mood soon changed as Quinn sensed a lipstick-wearing threat on her home turf. As Katie upped the ante by making an offer on the house next door, suddenly the prospect of everyone gathering for Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester mansion got much more interesting! Thoughts:

A grave error in judgment?
As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing “B&B,” the idea of a Brooke and Ridge reunion is not proving to be popular with viewers, many of whom would rather see her with Bill, and/or Ridge back with Caroline. Consequently there was a lot of snarking about Ridge taking Brooke to Stephanie’s grave as a means of persuading her to come back to him and ‘give his mother what she wanted’. Um, while Stephanie came to love Brooke at the end, she spent half of her life trying to keep those two apart, so I didn’t get that choice.

It’s even stranger when you consider the strong association between Stephanie’s passing and the Brooke/Bill pairing, given that he was there for her at the time. Anyway, the Bill and RJ scenes provided some comic relief, but again, the week left me still feeling ‘meh’ about Brooke’s love triangle.

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No consolation.
The Zende and Sasha scenes after the fashion show were kind of sad. As Zende warned her to avoid Nicole, she couldn’t help but ask again for a scrap from him by wondering where they stood. Zende, of course, replied that all he could think about was Nicole. Ugh. Sasha’s become like the female Wyatt; throwing herself at partners who see her as second to someone else. Maybe those two should hook up.

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Old shades of Quinn?
Also behind-the-scenes after the fashion show, Quinn was over the moon, and Steffy and Ridge retreated to their office to begrudgingly admit she’d pulled it off. It was all pretty entertaining, but the real fun happened when Quinn got home and discovered a champagne glass with lipstick on the rim. This is what we’d been waiting for, as it’s been kinda’ quiet with Quinn behaving herself. We all know a leopard doesn’t change their spots, and the expression on Quinn’s face and her ensuing tense interrogation of Eric were the first signs of ‘old shades of Quinn’. Even better, Quinn phoned Katie to put her on notice, after which Katie proceeded to put in an offer on the house next door. Hehe! Can’t wait for his situation to escalate, as it clearly will. At least one fan thought Rick saw an opportunity to unhinge Quinn and took it.

Not sure about Rick, but the writers definitely did! Viewers weighed in on the possible return of Quinn’s ‘crazy’:

Friday notes.
I’ll give Ridge his history with Brooke, but certainly not all of it was good, and using Stephanie’s memory to try and persuade her to marry him as he completely ignored Brooke telling him she’s in love with Bill just made it seem like he wanted to ‘win’…not appealing. That said, loved the Stephanie flashbacks and Brooke’s response to Ridge saying she ‘needs’ him. I also enjoyed Liam giving RJ some much-needed perspective – it’s not all about you, bud! Of course the most fun of the day was Wyatt wondering how Quinn would welcome Katie to the neighborhood when at that very moment she was breaking her promise to Eric and was informing Katie she would not allow her to buy the house next door. Loved this! Katie won’t back down so it’s going to be a Thanksgiving to remember, hehe.

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– Candace Young


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