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Deconstructing B&B: Fashion show shenanigans brought fun and drama

November 7 - 11

Brooke’s love life isn’t proving to bring the excitement it once did, despite two men fighting over her, but Nicole and Zende’s situation delivered some dramatic moments. Meanwhile, the Forrester Creations fashion show was swirling with tension and brimming with possibilities for potential conflicts before, during, and after. Loved it! Thoughts:

Brill or Bridge?
In the last Deconstructing “B&B,” it was predicted that Brooke’s love life would devolve into another dreaded triangle, and as she was unable to tell Bill that she didn’t have feelings for Ridge, and he took off upset again, it would appear that’s exactly what will happen. When Brooke reported the conversation to Ridge, he was invigorated and encouraged to the point he invited himself over to her place to cook dinner, and talked about them getting remarried in a month. Oy. Some viewers are pretty fired up and taking sides, but unfortunately, the writing has left me feeling apathetic about how it will turn out. Not good!

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Sister act.
You know it’s sweeps time when someone walks in on their significant other in bed with their sister! Although the Nicole/Zende/Sasha stuff often feels predictable, there was no denying the shock value of that moment when Nicole opened the bedroom door and looked in. Her reaction was so authentic too – I really felt for her! And while the entire situation is muddied up – was Nicole wrong to say ‘yes’ to Maya and Rick, were they wrong to ask her, was Zende wrong to react as he did? There’s no doubt sleeping with Sasha was a bad call. Something else that bugged me, is why Sasha did it, knowing Zende has no serious interest in her and that it would alienate her from the family she’s trying to bond with if found out? Made no sense. In any case, Nicole finally faced Zende, who, laughably, thought they would pick up where they left off once he heard she backed out of the surrogacy. Really? She told him he was weak and it was too late to salvage anything. We’ll see how long it lasts. Viewers weighed in on Twitter about the scandalous situation:

Behind-the-scenes drama.
In the Forrester Creations world, a fashion show was in the works, helmed by Quinn, who clearly hasn’t changed entirely, as she tried to manipulate Steffy into staying with Wyatt again. She’s watered down her natural tendencies to the point where they’re fairly benign, but how long can it last? With crazy Pam setting out to ‘take care’ of her, and Katie spending time with Eric, all signs point to something causing Quinn to revert to her old self. Fun! As for the fashion show, the resistance to Quinn’s ‘jewelry pass’ idea and to her introducing the collection in place of Ridge made for all kinds of delicious tension.

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What’s up with that?
As mentioned, Katie was spending time with Eric, and obviously the groundwork was being laid for a possible triangle with Quinn – complimenting each other, hugging etc. I sure didn’t see that coming, and it’s hard to imagine Katie and Eric as a couple – it’s actually easier to picture Quinn and Ridge having hate sex… Hmm.

Friday notes.
Wow, there was so much going on backstage at the fashion show – too cute to see RJ hitting on the models, hehe – but tension simmered in every corner as Maya confronted Sasha, and Ridge refused to have his showstopper associated with the dreaded jewelry pass. How fun that it came down to the wire and Quinn herself appeared on the runway in Ridge’s creation! He was left with no choice but to join her after Ivy announced his name. I laughed out loud at Ridge’s pasted on smile as he growled at Quinn under his breath, and she just beamed up at him. Interesting vibe is all I’m going to say! Meanwhile, over at Eric’s, he and Katie toasted to the big success, but wait, isn’t Katie a recovering alcoholic? Just asking. Anyway, it was good fun. So great to see a fashion show on “B&B” again!

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– Candace Young


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