Deconstructing B&B: Viewers shocked by latest twist involving Crazy Quinn

B&B Breakdown for June 27 – July 1:


The stunning, out-of-the-blue reveal that Quinn was hooking up with Eric left viewers simultaneously thrilled, awed, and even slightly grossed out…by far the week’s biggest talking point! In other happenings, the truth about Douglas’ paternity is going to be shared, Brooke and Ridge reconnected, Steffy and Wyatt are fighting about his mother, and Bill finally got caught. Thoughts:

World-weary exes.
Ridge was really sort of …deflated after Caroline decided they should tell the truth. He apologized to Thomas and then awkwardly overheard Thomas making his pitch to Caroline about being a family. As is wont to happen in soaps, Ridge didn’t hear her shut Thomas down before he left. It’s always interesting to me how the writers can have a soap character’s entire demeanor change on a dime, which almost instantly alters viewers’ perception of the character or situation. Anyway, Ridge ran into Brooke, who was fresh off her latest ‘we can’t do this’ session with Bill, and they commiserated about making mistakes. Later, Ridge’s abrupt appearance in Bill’s office seemed to give Brooke the push she needed to end their dalliance once and for all. All of this left us wondering if ‘Bridge’ could be making a comeback. Noteworthy highlight: Brooke making Ridge smile when she brought up Stephanie, who would be proud of her saying no (though she has indulged in make out sessions…that apparently, is a yes).

Not just part of it…all of it.
Loved the dark twistiness of Katie’s intuition telling her something is going on with Brooke and Bill, even though she has no proof, and her putting Bill on notice one moment, and then telling him she loved him the next. With Liam also vaguely suspicious of Bill’s secret room, it was only natural he and Katie would end up comparing notes. You just knew where this is going….and it did when Liam saw Bill and Brooke kissing on Friday’s show. Can’t wait to see Liam call Bill out on his hypocrisy…and Katie’s wrath is going to be unbelievable.

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Can’t get enough…
As hoped for in the last Deconstructing B&B, Steffy had another face-off with Quinn. The scenes with Steffy and Wyatt arguing about his mother, and the tension Steffy feels with regard to Quinn is definitely leading somewhere. Unbeknownst to Steffy, Quinn is plotting her way back into the family via another route – the patriarch, none other than Steffy’s grandfather, Eric. Old dog! Yep, it was a moment to be remembered when they revealed the man in Quinn’s clutches, er, bed. You just know she’ll be angling for him to marry her and then Steffy will have to deal with her. Yike! Viewers reacted to the shocking reveal that Quinn was bedding Eric (and Eric’s gnarly toenails!) on Twitter:

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– Candace Young


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