Deconstructing B&B: Secrets, betrayals, threats, confrontations and forbidden love

B&B Breakdown for June 6 - 10:


This week on “B&B” the complex and intertwined lives of certain members of the Forrester and Spencer families were featured. Secrets, betrayals, threats, confrontations, forbidden love involving a sibling’s spouse and a spouse’s sibling… these relationships are definitely complicated! Thoughts:

The whole world will know…or not.
It’s always fun to see a showdown between Dollar Bill and The Dressmaker, but this confrontation over the secret of Douglas’ paternity had a few frustrating elements. After Thomas’ more aggressive stance with Ridge last week, it was disappointing to see him go back to towing the line and having little to say. Caroline’s histrionics got a bit over-the-top, and Bill and Brooke backed off rather easily considering how gung-ho they were when they blew into the Forrester manse. Brooke accepted a promise from Ridge that he would go easier on Rick, which we all know will only make Rick more suspicious of him, and Bill seemed to forget all about his mission to take over Forrester Creations, which was supposedly his reason for getting involved in all of this from the time he overheard Katie and Thomas talking.

Go! Get it over with!
Katie reeled from the discovery that Bill had betrayed her confidence, and that it was Brooke he told, which she perceived as him putting her sister before her. Bill tried to convince her otherwise, but his actions spoke louder than his words. Similar to their past storyline, Katie lashed out in frustration and told Bill to just go ahead and be with Brooke, once again introducing the controversial notion that Katie basically was giving them permission to be together. As noted, Bill backed off from Ridge and the idea of taking over Forrester, and suddenly everything became about Bill’s desperation to get back with Brooke. I can accept that he’s been fighting these feelings all along, and Brooke too, but why then is Katie the only one we’ve seen struggling and wanting to drink? I suppose that’s to muddy the waters as to whether Bill is justified if he gives up on his marriage. Of course Katie, perhaps sensing Bill was actually about to leave, pulled out all the stops to make one last ditch effort to hold onto her husband. That included dumping her booze down the sink, deciding to live with the fact that Brooke and Bill love each other, and asking forgiveness from both of them. Bill still wanted to ‘wake up with Brooke’, but Brooke gave him the big eyes over Katie’s shoulder when they embraced, so we’ll see if he stays under duress, which will kind of taint it, at least initially. They might work their way back to a better place, but then it will come out he was going to leave her for Brooke probably. Hehe.

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As long as he lives and breathes…
In last week’s Deconstructing B&B, we were left in anticipation of Steffy facing off with Quinn. Steffy – and Liam – were both very blunt with Quinn and it was satisfying on a number of levels. Not only did they set her straight, but when Quinn stepped outside the door and got that look on her face while watching Steffy hug Liam, it was suddenly like everything was back to the way it should be. Who didn’t get a chill when Quinn told Deacon that as long as Liam lives and breathes he’s a threat to Wyatt’s marriage. Yike! Meanwhile, Steffy was laying down the law with Wyatt about his mother. It’s understandable, though irritating, that Wyatt continues to go easy on her. Why not make commitment to a mental facility a condition of being in his life? Of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun if Quinn were locked up somewhere, right? Now that she’s back to targeting Liam for interfering with her son’s happiness, most assumed that Quinn was the one breaking into his house, but low and behold it was…Reverend Rydell, the guy who married Steffy and Wyatt? Seasoned soap viewers instantly knew what that probably meant:

Uh oh…
If Steffy receiving cosmic signals from the universe that Liam is in trouble isn’t cause enough for concern, it should soon dawn on Wyatt that his minister, and his marriage may not be legit. If Steffy becomes free, Liam will be at her door before Wyatt can clear his throat and furrow his eyebrows in consternation.

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– Candace Young


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