Deconstructing B&B: Viewers love surprises…unexpected developments are big hits

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for May 30 – June 3:


The week kicked off with two refreshing ‘surprises’ – Sasha told the truth, and Thomas decided not to go to Shanghai. Of course these developments led to some great scenes of tension and drama, and later there was the Avant family meeting, and the twist of Bill finding out about Ridge’s secret and breaking a promise to Katie by sharing it with Brooke. A very good week! Thoughts:

Like father, like daughter?
After going to so much trouble to deceive Zende (telling the photographer’s wife not to flush!), it was almost shocking that Sasha did a total turnabout and admitted she wasn’t pregnant. At some point, she had an epiphany that she was doing exactly what she had hated Julius for – being selfish and lying. It made for a surprise twist, and led to some intense scenes with Nicole, who was still not in a forgiving mood…at all. I found Zende’s reaction a little understated, but then that seems to be his personality much of the time.

Casting! Chaz Bono back to B&B

As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, it was disappointing when Thomas reacted so passively to Ridge’s plan to ship him off to Shanghai, so it was a welcome turn of events to see him appear shirtless in the kitchen of the Forrester mansion declaring his intention to stay. Also exciting was Thomas later telling Ridge that he would be calling the shots. Finally!

No secrets.
Katie couldn’t resist letting Thomas know that she knew he was Douglas’ father, or taking credit for Ridge telling him the truth. Hehe. Of course their little chat in the Forrester office was overheard by none other than Bill, who, earlier that very day, had decided that he would like to take over Forrester and needed to find dirt on Ridge. It took very little pressure from Bill, who threw their shaky marriage into the ring, to make Katie share Ridge’s secret. Bill chuckled with unbridled glee, though Katie was quick to tell him to get that look off his face. Funny scene! She warned if he spilled this secret he would also take down Thomas, Caroline and Douglas. Unconcerned, Bill asked, “So?” Too good. Anyway, Katie extracted a promise that he wouldn’t talk, but methinks he’ll find a loophole pretty quickly. Some viewers felt Katie shouldn’t have told her husband:

Family drama.
The Avant family meeting certainly made for riveting viewing. Love that it feels like watching a real family! The depth in these scenes was remarkable! Vivienne elected to take her husband back, move forward, and try to forgive, and encouraged Maya and Nicole to do the same where Sasha was concerned. They were both wary, but agreed, although one senses it will be a very precarious sisterly relationship moving forward. Anyway, Julius scraping through another controversy was fun – he is such an interesting character. I’d like to see Sasha’s mother come for a visit and mix it up with Vivienne now. Viewers weighed in on Vivienne forgiving Julius:

Moving forward.
It pains me to say it, but it was a relief to have a break from the Liam/Quinn/Steffy/Wyatt stuff before it returned on Friday – just wasn’t feeling it. Steffy hadn’t been herself in this storyline, Wyatt and his mantra of ‘Steffy is mine, Liam needs to move on’ had become super annoying, and Quinn dressed in blouses and pearls telling Liam she can’t stop thinking about their time together just held no appeal. Therefore it was a relief to feel a change in the wind, with Liam very firmly letting Quinn know that he would never return her feelings, and Steffy showing up in time to hear Liam reiterate that Steffy was the only woman for him and he would not stop fighting to get her back. The scene left off with Steffy poised to have a go at Quinn, which will be amazing no doubt. Overall, there was an air of moving forward – feeling hopeful!

The importance of the secret.
Just when Ridge felt like he sealed the deal with Thomas and asked a guilty-looking Katie if he could trust her not to talk, across town, Bill was breaking his minutes-old promise to Katie by spilling the secret to Brooke. Ooo soapy good fun! Brooke, of course, got into the mix when Rick culminated months of whining with an announcement that he would take his family and move away. Hate his tantrums, yet love that it put this secret business into high gear – not only is Ridge in deep doo-doo now, but when Katie finds out Bill broke a promise to her to make Brooke feel better…look out!

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– Candace Young


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