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Deconstructing B&B: No satisfaction when characters back away from conflict

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for May 23 - 27:

It was an odd-feeling week on “B&B” as storylines rolled forward, but nothing particularly exciting happened, and a few situations that could have been explosive just fizzled – why were both Liam and Thomas so passive? Thoughts:

Seal the deal.
There was tons of build up this week toward ‘Quinn’s fate’ and it amounted to a lot of hullabaloo about nothing. After a bunch of rehashing and opining as to why Liam should or should not press charges against Quinn, he decided to do it, only to back down and change his mind. Disappointing! This happened due to ‘soap opera’ reasoning as to why they didn’t have a good case, and a shockingly lame Justin advising him to tuck tail and avoid any unpleasantness. Couldn’t believe it, after Bill’s instructions! Maybe Bill should get Quinn’s lawyer, Ed De La Rosa, on retainer…yeesh. So Quinn won’t do time, or even go to a psychiatric facility, but will be free to follow Liam around like a lovesick puppy…here’s hoping they won’t go down a road where Liam finds himself having feelings for her. It’s too unbelievable, and though Quinn has softened, she seems creepier than ever – another reason it would be unappealing.

You scratch my back…
Sasha continued to work on Julius to strike a deal and ‘help’ each other. I had to wonder how that would work – under the current circumstances, it’s unlikely the Avant women would be up for hearing Sasha’s thoughts on Julius or Julius’ thoughts on Sasha’s pregnancy. Hehe!

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In last week’s Deconstructing B&B, we questioned how fast Nicole should forgive Zende, and though she came around to the idea of getting back together pretty quickly, it’s been much more difficult for her to get her mind around Sasha being pregnant with his child. Nicole and Maya challenged Sasha to prove she wasn’t lying about being pregnant just to try and hold onto Zende, and lo and behold, it looks as though that’s exactly what she was doing, but – how convenient – a pregnant woman showed up right when she had to prove it, and presumably this helped her to carry on her deception. Ack!

Katie made nice with Brooke this week, which was a little unexpected given her over-the-top response to Brooke’s presence in her bedroom previously, but it did make for an honest, close moment.

Name calling.
Rick and Maya named their child Elizabeth Nicole, after Brooke’s mother, Beth, and Nicole – such nice gestures, and a beautiful name. It was odd they held this announcement at the Forrester mansion (under Stephanie’s portrait no less) where Ridge and Caroline live, rather than at Brooke’s house, where they live, but then again, the set for Brooke’s place has just been a kitchen lately, so there’s that. Hehe. Afterward, Eric had a chat with Rick, in an effort to get him to stop obsessing about Ridge, which did absolutely no good whatsoever. Eric got almost as annoyed as viewers, and angrily informed Rick he had no intention of replacing Ridge at Forrester Creations. We all know this means Rick will redouble his efforts to get some dirt on Ridge and get him out that way. Hmm.

Outta’ sight…
Ridge, not satisfied with the miracle that was Thomas agreeing not to claim his own son, had to push things further and ship Thomas off to Shanghai. Caroline questioned him, but ultimately went along with it even though you could tell she didn’t feel it was right. Thomas, who seems to have been in a daze since the moment he found out the truth about the baby, simply went home, packed, and then said goodbye to his son in a choked-up moment. Urgh! I wanted to see him get fired up and refuse to go! Viewers weighed in on Ridge’s plan on Twitter:

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– Candace Young


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