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Deconstructing B&B: Raw emotional confrontations make for riveting drama

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for April 25 - 29:

As the Steffy/Liam/Wyatt triangle dragged on, it was the Quinn and Liam clash, and Sasha finally reaching her breaking point that provided the most drama for the week. Thoughts:

Dollarless Deacon.
The week kicked off with Deacon showing up in Bill’s office. Always love to see Mr. Sharpe, but I would have liked to see him offer Bill information on Quinn’s whereabouts in exchange for a payoff. Let’s face it, the guy is broke, always looking for payout, and should have little loyalty to his ex considering that she threw him off a cliff, left him for dead, and is now in love with someone else. Nonetheless, he covered for Quinn and went back to wherever it is they were holed up and spent several scenes trying to convince her to leave town. Meh.

It still doesn’t make sense…
Tenacious Katie sure didn’t let Ridge off the hook with regard to Dr. Wolin. She may be emotionally unstable and a newbie alcoholic, but she could still tell she’d hit a nerve. Considering Thomas is all but hanging off Caroline and Douglas in the office and spouting mature speeches about wanting to go home to see them instead of making the rounds of the Forrester models, it’s only a matter of time before this secret comes out. When it does, it seems Ridge’s entire world will be turned upside-down given that Rick is smacking his lips in anticipation of just such a reason to oust him as CEO.

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Life swap.
While Liam talked about reclaiming his life, Pushy McPusherson, aka, Wyatt, challenged Steffy to prove her commitment by getting a wedding band tattoo. She did it, which threw a monkey wrench into the romantic scenario Liam had set up to win her back. While I was looking forward to seeing the brothers butt heads in this storyline, all it’s amounted to is everybody involved whining to others, and frankly, it’s just too much of a stretch that Steffy would choose Wyatt over Liam, or that she’s just so torn, especially in light of the circumstances. It’s just not that believable, so it feels dragged out.

Fresh start?
As if Liam didn’t have enough headaches with his brother having taken over his life, he also had to contend with his kidnapper, Quinn, on his doorstep. Many viewers had been anticipating this confrontation, and it was wilder and weirder than anyone could have imagined! Quinn, who must be completely insane, has melded her ‘Adam’ with Liam in her mind and actually went to him asking for another chance. Like, “Steffy’s with Wyatt now, so lets you and I just get out of here, shall we?” Nuts! The look Liam gave her as she went on about him being her true love – like she was utterly deranged – was the absolute best, as was the intense reaction he unleashed on her, with the scary ‘I hate you’ and the slamming his hand into the wall beside her head and grabbing her face. Wowza! Fans reacted on Twitter:

You’re my sister.
As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, Sasha was just waiting for someone to give her a reason to divulge the secret that she is Julius’ daughter, and when Nicole showed up ordering her to leave town right when Sasha was fresh off another clash with Julius…welp, that was all she wrote. Every effort was made to muster up viewer sympathy for Sasha, who was truly vulnerable while Nicole was being kind of obnoxious. Still, you can’t blame Nicole for being pissed her best friend took up with the man she loves, and she had no idea about the Julius/Sasha stuff, so it will be interesting to see how Nicole reacts! Maybe the revelation will trigger labor. Hehe!

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– Candace Young


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